7 Affirmations We Always Need To Tell Our Loved Ones

Connecting with another person on a deep, profound and emotional level is one of the true joys in life. Yet many of us fall victim to the traps that sabotage the quality of our relationships. Many of which can be bettered, if not solved, by saying one of these key phrases. Not only will these intensify the connection with your loved one but also lay the foundation for an introspective evaluation of how we treat those treasure in our lives.

Relationships demand energy and effort in order to thrive and grow. Start with these seven things your loved ones need to hear you say:

1.     I Love You

shutterstock_196513This might sound obvious. But we’d all be surprised how rare we utter these three important words and how instrumental it is a committed, intimate and long-lasting relationship. Psychologically, saying “I love you” on a daily basis helps us maintain our feelings of love toward our loved one and in return, helps them feel affirmed and secure. Rain or shine, never underestimate the power these words have to strengthen your bond.

2.     I’m Sorry

No one’s perfect, we all make mistakes. It’s how we right our wrongs where our colors shine through. A sincere, full-hearted apology in which you take full responsibility for your actions and assure that it won’t reoccur is invaluable. Put your ego to the side and understand that when you’ve wronged someone you love, it won’t “blow over” or “fix itself” – a genuine apology is how to refresh any relationship.

3.     I Understand How You Feel

In a relationship, feeling misunderstood, neglected or disregarded is a recipe for disaster. Empathy is the most powerful means of connection with those we love. By simply saying “I understand how you feel,” you’re ensuring that your partner feelings are both hear and acknowledged. We promise, your sincere efforts will not go unappreciated.

4.     I Believe in You

shutterstock_145442725 (1)Regardless of our own internal dialogue, we all need a confidence boost from someone’s who’s opinion we respect and validation we cherish. Feelings of isolation of defeat stand no chance against the support system of our loved ones. Instilling and verbalizing your belief in loved ones will strengthen both your bonds of love and goodwill.

5.     I’m Scared

When you bestow your trust in another soul to share your fears, worries and anxieties, you’ll deepen your bonds of friendship and love. The value of vulnerability cannot be understated.  Revel in the new bounds of connection and watch your emotional bank account grow. There can be no emotional intimacy, spiritual intimacy or physical intimacy without vulnerability.

6.     No.

Boundaries, standards and limits will never cease to be important. When a line has been crossed or a boundary has been breached, a hard “no” is not only warranted, it’s required. If we allow others to take emotional advantage of us, with time, it will backfire. When you say “no,” you not only show that you value the sanctity of the relationship, but you also communicate to your partner your worth. This, in the short and and long term, is crucial to mature respectful relationship.

shutterstock_3065380047.     Thank You

A “thank you” is worth its weight in gold. Never take your partner for granted or have their love and effort go unrecognized or unnoticed. These two magic words to express gratitude and appreciation will make your loved one beam with joy that their actions are both valued and esteemed.

But why stop there…a simple “thank you for who you are” is the highest compliment you could pay another soul.







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