The Powers of Positive Thought: What Are You Creating?

If thoughts lead to words, words lead to actions, then where do actions lead?

Also, to ask bluntly, where does all that begin? Where do the thoughts come from?

Some call it inspiration or an idea. Thoughts bubble and circulate within the subconscious mind and social circles together share a soup of different thought patterns conceived from individual experience, only then to be selected and directed by each individual to produce words and actions for the collective and/or self.

Those outputs are then recycled into this system further refining in either direction love or fear, or a combination of both in vast and varying aspects. This all being a vast concept that has minimal or maximal effect on just one person as well as scaling levels of social interactions.


Whether it’s the contemplations of the drug induced hippies from the ‘Summer of Love’, cutting edge findings, or the ancient knowledge from rulers, scholars and conquerors. ‘Spirit Science’ has taken a collection of thoughts/writings/words/actions from many recent and old histories and produced an output via the collective media channels that our kindred use for information absorption. We have all engaged in this discussion, some more than others, but all relevant nonetheless, and all immensely important beyond measure.

Why? Because we are ALL the contributors to our society and the further we refine our concepts, explore and express the findings we make, the more we will gravitate towards harmony with ourselves and with the world around us, in a way that creates it and shapes it through our collective actions in the coming future.

This video has been created to serve as a reminder, to keep those thoughts positive and clear, so we can use our words to keep expressing ourselves with contentment and certainty in aiding others, as well as ourselves. Let us continue to be the best versions of ourselves in order to translate these thoughts and words into actions that would effectively inspire and evoke those to do likewise.



The creator of this song is Florian Chaillou whom goes by the musical artistic alias of ‘Kannamix’

“Good morning is a song about waking our minds up. It was constructed from a jazz track by the band ‘NoMad Dreams’ starting from the vocals. I wanted the positivity to leak out of the song which was also a call from my soul as I was going through a rough patch in a relationship and life in general which I feel the main theme represents, melancholic but still hopeful, and the pianos then bring in the happy/light feel.

The main message I wanted to pass through this song is that no matter what happens around you and to you; the answer always lies in positive thoughts, a process that has been quite hard for me to understand in my earlier years and hard to apply today but in which I really believe and wanted a reminder for.

The rap part was the physical representation of this reminder as I remember waking up in horrible states trying to record this but pushed myself toward the “light”. I once was taught that the more you train your mind to think positively, the easier it will become to naturally go to those thoughts and vice versa with negative energies”.

As a final thought:

Through the understanding of opposing thoughts/emotions/ways of life (fear and love for example), they serve as a reminder of the power within positive thinking, whether we believe it to be more real or just a placebo effect. We can find evidence in the ways in which we interact with the external world of the effects of such thinking.

By manifesting this music video out of the want and need for more abundance of positivity within its creators’ lives. We can hope that the message within will be extended to serve as a reminder, or seed of awareness, that can lead to movement and change within you. Yes, you! ;)

Make a move today, in whatever way!

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