The Diary Of A Mentally & Emotionally Strong Woman

Only one thing stands between me and my success – my micro-movements. I take small steps, be it slowly, I never stop growing and self-improving.

In a modern world, society expects us to subscribe to a horde of mindless advertising standards. As a strong woman, you know who you are.  Not always set on self-love initially, learning along the way by observing and getting in touch with your self allows you to discover all sorts of superpowers you would never have guessed you could possess.

You simply need to trust your own judgement. As any relationship is built on trust, so does your own relationship within improve by working on it.shutterstock_405872191

You should never settle for second best. You may initially think this is all taboo, until it hits you hard.

Once you’ve grasped the magnitude of it’s meaning, you’ll get why settling for less has just wasted your time.

Try to aim higher, be it avoiding gossip, naysayers or drama queens. By implementing healthy boundaries, you’re already letting go of heaps of emotional baggage. Wow does it feel good!

By constantly working on forgiveness, I’ve found that it’s not a gift to the perpetrator. The key to freedom allows one to escape anger. Imagine walking around captive, bitter and twisted, where you could simply let go.

What a beautiful gift to yourself. One thing that’s on repeat in my mind – learn from mistakes, they aren’t a mistake the second time round.shutterstock_419175913

We need to stay motivated to achieve our goals. Why waste time on outcomes you don’t believe in? This makes no sense whatsoever.

Your happiness will never be fulfilled by comparing yourself to others. You also need not ask permission to be the best you can be. Take responsibility for your own choices, it’s quite invigorating. You can’t blame others for your mistakes either, this would just take you back to square one.

Imagine being so in control that others’ not-so-necessary expertise falls away, making their opinions obsolete! This does not mean opinions aren’t valid, it’s simply about knowing when to do so and when to back away.

In realization, life is too short and fabulous to sit around feeling sorry for being the person you actually aren’t. I’ve slowly found my mentors along this journey. These people inspire me to live by my own expectations and to never mold myself around what others want.


When one realizes that no person who walks this earth is perfect, you find the power to accept yourself. You naturally become adaptive and free yourself to live the most exceptional life – it’s truly empowering!

When you realize your own worth, you’ll look back and realize the path that took you there was not an easy one at all. My back was up against the wall before I started pushing back.

This is why I can vouch for the fact that I wasn’t always that way. I only discovered my light when it was the darkest it could ever have been. Left with no tears left to cry and nowhere to turn, I finally turned towards myself. I found my own voice and it was magical.

By weaving a strong web of interpersonal relationships with others, we become a temple of strength and support. most solutions are now a phone call away because we have each other’s backs. One thing I can teach you today – you cannot do this alone.

Thank you Life Hack for motivating this piece



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