8 of The Most Cancer ­Causing Snacks People Eat at the Movies

Dinner and the movies ­ it’s THE essential date. No matter how big a meal you’ve eaten you simply can’t resist stopping by the concession stand and taking in snacks to watch the movie. Although we are all aware that the snacks available aren’t the healthiest ­ not many of us are aware of just how bad they can be for you.

In fact many of the most popular movie snacks contain cancer causing agents that have the potential to do serious damage to our long term health. Below are eight of the worst snacks readily available and regularly consumed at the movies.

Hot Dogs

shutterstock_282467483Two words: processed meat. The hot dogs you can buy at the cinema are very rarely fresh, organic and locally produced!

In the main they are processed meats, pumped with chemicals to prolong their shelf life.

In fact, the world health organization discovered that eating just one small hot dog a day increased your likelihood of cancer by 18%.

Microwave popcorn

The heavyweight of the concession stand!


Regular popcorn from the movies isn’t too bad, as long as you don’t ask for additional butter, salt or sugar.

However in a bid to offer a cheaper and smaller alternative, movie theatres have begun offering microwave bags of popcorns.

The issue with microwave popcorn isn’t the popcorn itself but the bag it comes in.

Most brands of microwavable popcorn use a bag that is lined with perfluorooctanoic acid which has been linked with several health issues in factory workers including bronchitis, infertility and cancer. Simple advice ­ AVOID!


Slurpees are on the surface just two ingredients: ice and sugar. The sugar content can lead to obesity if you over consume but they have no direct link to cancer.

However, the Slurpees that you can buy at the movies are pumped full of artificial sweeteners and preservatives. Sweeteners and preservatives have been consistently linked with the accelerated growth of cancer cells.


Most commonly used in Slurpees is sodium benzoate which is a known carcinogen.

The link between the additives that M&Ms use and hyperactivity have been well publicized. The link between and M&Ms and cancer is a different matter altogether!

The artificial colours used to give them their iconic look is also been discovered to have links with cancer. Although it has been approved for commercial use, it’s probably wise to steer clear.

Pick and Mix

The pick and mix station at the confectionary stand is a place of childhood nostalgia. Trying to choose from your favoritesweets and trying to fit as many into the bag as possible is something we have all done.

shutterstock_165334646However, much like slurpees and M&Ms, candy has an extremely high amount of additives and sweeteners that have been linked with cancer. Fizzy drinks

Another entry on this list that has dangerously high levels of sugar. Research shows that drinking just two cans of pop a week increases the amount of insulin your body produces, which doubles the risk of of pancreatic cancer.

For men in particular fizzy drinks can cause serious damage, as just one can a day will increase the risk of prostate cancer by 40%. Next time you’re at the cinema bring water to quench your thirst!

Potato Chips

Acrylamide might not be a name you’re familiar with but it probably should be. It is a chemical commonly found in starchy food that has been cooked at a high temperature. Potato chips have one of the highest levels of acrylamide which has been found in animal studies to correlate with a dramatically increased risk of cancer.

Ice Creamshutterstock_92449741

It might be a delicious cold treat but ice cream is a dairy product ­ which on the whole are bad for anyone over the age of 3.

Dairy is packed with estrogen from the a cow’s milk, which is vital for the growth and development in infants. However, for adults who have no need to grow further, it causes weight gain (a huge contributing factor for cancer) and can cause tumor growth.

For people already diagnosed with cancer, dairy has an even more detrimental effect as the estrogen accelerates the growth and number of existing cancer cells in the body. Eating just one dairy product a day can lead to an increase in cancer fatality rates by 64%.





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