5 Universal Traits of An Consciously Confident Person

Confidence isn’t thinking you’re better than anyone – it’s being your true self so fully. It’s living authentically, without apologizing for who you are. When we can combine our power, confidence, with compassion and love – then we become a living light.

It’s inspiring to see someone be so themselves. Embody your true self, be yourself so fully that you inspire those around you to do the same.

They Lift Others Up


When you’re in a state of pure happiness and confidence in who you are, you want to lift others up! You want people to feel as good as you do, because that’s how everyone thrives together.

A lot of the time, people who are feeling low will want you to come down to their level so you can experience it with them.

Confident people don’t need validation through another person experiencing their misery – they want to spread good feelings!

So lift up those around you and they will inevitably do the same for you.

They Demonstrate Their Happiness

When you are genuinely happy with who you are – you live it, you don’t just talk about it. How many people will talk and talk about how happy they are, but never actually embody it? 


There is a fundamental difference in speaking and acting your truth – and we all know actions speak louder than words.

So stay true to your feelings – and if you’re not feeling very good one day, don’t deny yourself of those emotions! We are all meant to feel EVERY emotion, no one is ever constantly happy.

But one way to true happiness is to feel all your emotions deeply, don’t ignore them or push them aside to deal with later. We are emotional beings, our true purpose is to feel, experience and live all the different aspects of life.

They Laser Focus Their Energy

When you’re confident in your reality, you don’t really have time to focus on every negative thought, feeling or worry. Stay in the now, focus on what makes you feel good without avoiding what makes you feel bad.

We are naturally drawn towards what gives us pleasure, and move away from what brings us pain.

To be balanced in the center, feeling both sides but not necessarily acting on either is a great way to stay focused and present.


They Don’t Complain 

Who has time to do this anymore?

Yes, feel your feelings deeply, and express what you need to, but why focus and complain about what’s bothering you? Confident people see the problem, then start creating the solution; they don’t just sit around and mope about it.

One of the biggest things that can bring your energy down is complaining or listening to someone complain. A lot of the time, it’s not productive, helpful or create any kind of solution. If you need to express what’s bothering you – of course everyone needs to do that sometimes.

Just make sure you’re focusing on the outcome, not getting stuck in a loop about the problem. Always focus on the solution and the problems will all start to make sense.

Take accountability and responsibility for you and your actions. If you are quick to always blame others, get defensive or refuse to look at yourself; that’s not really a trait of an authentic, confident person.

They Don’t Blame Others


When you know you are acting from a place of love, you don’t need to defend yourself or pass the blame on others. Own your crap, and others will deeply admire that.

When people don’t need to call you out on a mistake because you do it yourself, that is an amazing demonstration of strength.

You don’t need people to tell you your faults because you’re already aware of them and consciously working towards growth.

The more you practice these traits, focus on the present moment, move towards what makes you feel happy – the more you will become confident in your being. You will be like a light for those who have spiraled into the darkness; you will be a living demonstration of love.

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