The 3 Questions To Ask That Seriously Shifted My Life

Question yourself, your existence and everything! It expands your awareness, challenges your beliefs and drastically accelerates your personal growth when you do. If you’re looking for a new perspective on your life, simply look within; ask yourself these questions:

Why I am Here?shutterstock_264779042

Zoom out. Why are we all here? Do you believe is this one big accident, or that we chose to incarnate on the planet at this time?

Challenge your beliefs, go to the core of what you think is the fundamental truth in this reality.

Now, zoom in a little. Why are you here? If you believe you chose to come here, what is the intention behind it?

What are the root lessons you are learning this life? The people surrounding you, your environment and lifestyle all reflect the kind of lesson and experience you’re learning this life. 

What is My Purpose?

What are you creating with your life while you’re here? Finding the core reasons of why you’re here and what your purpose is go hand in hand. You find your purpose by following your passion, what are you attracted to? What ignites that fiery spark of excitement within you?

shutterstock_394148533For some, this can be an intuitive process that can be found through meditation.

It may take years for some people to find out, while others are just born with a sense of knowing. It can look like anything from art, books, writing, collecting something, motivational speaking, neuroscience, cooking, literally anything that makes you want to get up and do it.

Put your focus on it, put energy and actual motion towards your passions and your purpose will be crystal clear.

Am I a Consumer, or A Creator?

This is an important one. Do you consume more content than you create? This could look like a lot of things. A lot of people are on their devices soaking up content from others. From anything from YouTube, Instagram, Facebook we are looking at other people’s creations. Take the time to make your own creations as well.shutterstock_315384122

Do what you like to do; take pictures, write a story, paint, make a movie – whatever it is. Become a creator as well, create your own motion – don’t just sucked up into others.

I see a lot of my friends scrolling through their feeds, absorbing the creations of others, but what if you were that creator?

What if you were creating amazing things that people wanted to share in the world? That puts you in a position of a creator, not a consumer.


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