The Science of Water: How Water Can Make You a Calmer & More Creative Person

Water has long been a sacred element, known for its healing, transformative and relaxing properties. From the ancient Romans who held baths to find relaxation, to Ayurveda Indian medicine that looks to water to balance and harmonize the body, water is a common denominator among traditional healing practices.

To this date, water continues to be a source of clarity, peacefulness, and unity. Everyone can relate to the all­ encompassing calmness and self ­reflection that occurs near or around the water.shutterstock_155026754

As human beings, whether we’re conscious of it or not, it is an innate desire to seek out these moments.

Often times, the mental and physical benefits of being near the water are overlooked. However, it is consistently proven that the benefits you reap by being around the water are not only impressive, they’re real.

Countless research studies have proven the positive correlation between health and coastal living, verifying that there is scientific validity to water’s importance age ­old traditions and customs.

Water Encourages a Meditative State

While we may not be conscious of it, water induces a mildly meditative state of calmness, mindfulness, and awareness. By simply sitting near the water or gazing off into the ocean meeting the horizon, our brains enter a state of fascination, taking in external sensory inputs but not distracted or overwhelmed by them.

shutterstock_333686483Mindfulness, according to modern research, has the power to lower stress levels, improve mental clarity and better sleep quality – to name a few.

Water Allows Your Brain to Relax

On a daily basis, we are barraged with stimulating external stressors and pressures. Being around the water has the power to put your mind at ease and alleviate life’s weight and difficulties.

The water’s control over our bodies is all ­inclusive, from the soothing auditory perspective to the visual calmness.

Near the water, our brains experience a much ­needed cognitive break. While the brain doesn’t shut down or lose its conscious awareness, but rather, it enters a quieter ‘blue’ space. Revel in this space of calm tranquility.

Water Improves Intimacy and Connectedness

shutterstock_247745413The water sends your body into a restful, intimate state, open to a wide emotional platform – especially, love. The emotion of awe provokes feelings of external connectedness beyond oneself, to others.

Put simply, the open water alters your mental state from a ‘me’ orientation to a ‘we’ orientation, increasing your aptitude for emotional connectivity and empathy.

It’s no wonder that many of life’s emotional landmarks and gatherings happen near open water, from engagements to weddings, it’s the perfect environment to heighten emotive stakes.

Water Prompts Creativity

Water has the power to spark your creative edge. All too often, we become so paralyzed by our busy lives that there is little room left for imaginative exploration.

To get out of auto­ pilot or default mode, the brain network associated with memories, daydreaming and imagination is impaired. Tapping into your creative side is as simple as finding open water or simply taking a shower.


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