Secrets Within The Flames: What Pyromancy can Reveal About Your Future

Fortune telling by looking into a fire, known as pyromancy, has been long celebrated as an effective and enlightening psychic reading method. Used to make important decisions pertaining to love, life and health, Pyromancy is the art and practice of divination by fire.

Practiced since the Neolithic times – potentially dating back as far as fire’s advent – pyromancy uses the interpretation of color, shape, and intensity to predict future events.

While pyromancy is traditionally performed by experts to interpret deeper connotations and meanings embedded in the flames and smoke to make logic of it, thanks to these four renowned methods, you can effectively read divinations in the comforts of your home.

Submit yourself to the process, allowing images and symbols to come to you in an appropriate time. Never rush yourself; effusively submerge into pyromancy in order to reap its benefits. Only when you ask genuine questions and believe in the power of this psychic reading will you reach certain ends.


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For candle readings, it is important to perform the ritual in a room not usually subject to drafts or gusts of wind. In addition, readings are more effective during the night in dim lighting with white candles.

The most efficient method of candle reading is to study the manner in which the molten wax drips down the candle sides. To begin, light a candle and place it in its holder. Ask a yes or no question while lighting the wick.

Watch the candle for some time, if the wax drips only to the left side, the answer is no, however, if it favors the right, your answer is a yes. If the wax is equally dispersed and falls on both sides, there is no answer currently available. Finally, in the event that no wax drips down, ask again at a later time.


To use smoke, pass a plain white card quickly through the flames three times while asking a question. It’s important to do this quickly to avoid setting the card on fire. Using symbolic thought, study the resulting carbon deposits left on the underside of the card.

Known as smoke reading, several techniques have been used to analyze the card. However the most prevalent reads: if the deposits rise straight through the air, this is a yes, whereas if it hangs heavily around the fire, it is a no.


To perform paper readings, ask a question pertaining to the future on a small piece of paper. Place if face down on a flat, heat-proof surface. Simply light one corner of the paper with a match. If the entire paper burns, your answer is yes, however, if only a portion of the paper is ruined, the answer is a resounding no.


After burning a fire, collect ashes from dead fires or the fire place. Find a place outside where there is a steady breeze and air flow, then scatter the ashes in a rectangular shape on the ground. While asking questions pertaining to the future, use your fingers to write out the word “yes” on the right side and “no” on the left. Walk away and leave them undisturbed overnight.

Come morning, return to the rectangle and study the ashes. If both words remain clearly legible, there is no answer currently available. If one of the words has been manipulated by the wind, animal tracks or another unknown source, the remaining word discloses the answer to your proposed question. If both words are disrupted, like the first situation, there is no answer available at the moment.

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