This Brilliant Girl Shows Us Exactly What’s Wrong With The Toy Industry

Kids are brilliant, period.

They understand the inherent truth behind the facade of society. There are dozens of videos on the internet of children speaking some serious truth that not all adults have even realized yet.

This time, this insightful girl is taking on the marketing industry. It’s no secret that toys are created specifically for a boy or a girl.

There is little in between, and we’ve created an air of shame or even disgust for children who play with the opposite gender of toys. Little boys aren’t suppose to play barbies, and little girls should never play with cars, right?

Actually, it’s fundamentally wrong.

Colors don’t hold genders and types of toys or clothing don’t have a gender; they never will. This all exists simply for marketing and to continue old traditions of gender roles in our society.

We’re taught girls are naturally submissive, serving and like the color pink while boys are aggressive, dominant and are represented by the color blue.

These are all societal constructs that box us into specific categories so we can create a sense of normality for everyone to follow. If you don’t follow these rules, then you aren’t normal and something is ‘wrong’ with you.

Children know gender doesn’t have a personification. Gender is fluid, ever changing and definitely can’t be represented by two colors.

This girl named Riley knows exactly what’s up; we need parents who are open minded and allow their children to discover the truth. Props to this girls parents for allowing her to speak her truth, she is a light we need in this world.

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