This Video Describes The Ultimate Purpose of Living A Spiritual Life

What is the ultimate purpose of living a spiritual life? While everyone has their own perceptions, desires and ways of being; a fundamental point of spirituality is unity. It is to bring everyone together in a deep understanding that we are all connected. It is to move from separation to inclusion and understand what love truly is.

Watch this video for a deeper understanding of the core purpose of spirituality:


In non-dual spiritual traditions the ultimate goal of the path of awakening is to become completely free of the mind and to see the present-moment reality without the lens of memories, mental constructs, and stories.

The goal is to move from separation to Unity – to share the whole world with the whole world.

Not just with similar-minded people, but with everyone.

The goal is to wake up from the dream; to go beyond duality, beyond good and bad – to be free from the conditioned mind.

Everything exists within Awareness – the One shared conscious Awareness – which is why we are all One.

When freed from the mind we meet both ourselves and others, instead of mental constructs.

We are all Awareness. We are all One.

Always. Already.

Recognize your freedom.

About the author:

Vegard Paulsen is co-founder of Global Harmony Crew; a movement to transform the world through pointing people towards realizations of Truth, and helping them manifest their lives from love and joy.

Let’s move from separation to Unity together, and wake up this world in ecstatic joy!

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