4 Different Ways To Find Out What Your Spirit Animal Is

 Spirit animals are often associated with the Native American culture. But they are associated with them for good reason. There is no other culture so attune with the natural and spiritual world. Your spirit animal is more than just generic animal symbolism. Its meaning deepens your personal connection with the earth and empowers you for success in any endeavour.

Ancient and traditional shamans believe that spirit animals are revealed to guide and protect their charges throughout a journey. When we relate to our power animals, it offers influential insights into our subconscious mind.

However, in order to connect with the animal, you must first learn what it is. The best and most effective natural path to find your spirit animal is through observation.


shutterstock_254278528 (1)The importance of your spirit animal differs depending on the specific reason they were sent to you.

They can help you to do a number of things, including; navigate parts of your everyday life that have a strong emotional impact, loosen your personality and open you to the notion of transformation, discover possible life directions for reflection, creating new perspectives on your current relationships and inspire natural qualities and power.

Maintaining a connection with your spirit animal provides you with a powerful ally who can help you restore your energy.


Identifying Your Animal:

shutterstock_350205191Your spirit animal is the embodiment of your subconscious mind and therefore cannot be chosen. It must choose you.

In most cases, your spirit animal will present itself during a time when your mind is relaxed and able to wander internally, such as during dreams or meditation.

 However, spirit animals may also reveal themselves in physical form, often displaying unusual behavior or being present multiple times within a short span.

There is no universal solution to find your spirit animal.

It will take time before they reveal themselves. Remember to keep both your heart and mind open when learning how to find your spirit animal.



Observe nature and be open and attentive when animals appear in your life. Try not to be afraid or dismissive but instead, make it clear that your heart is open. This is especially important if the animal behaves out of the ordinary. Be aware of repetitive encounters with the same animal or species. This can be in physical or symbolic form.



The world is a loud and distracting place, Meditation, provides the opportunity to block all that out.

Meditation is a great way for you to sit and contemplate things in your life. When meditating to find your spirit animal, focus your intention with the goal of connecting to one or more animals.

By opening your heart and focusing your mind, you’ll be more receptive to the energy and wisdom of your spirit animal.

Meditating with intention is key.  Channel your inner self to find your spirit animal. If a specific animal keeps coming to mind, don’t ignore it. It might not be the animal you imagined or hoped for but there is still cause for reflection. There is still a reason it keeps coming up.


shutterstock_298604672The human mind never stops working, not even in your dreamland. The cogs are constantly turning and often still processing things that happened to you during the day or week.

Dreams are often the subconscious mind’s way of processing complex emotions. So if you have a couple particularly memorable dreams, write them down, you might find a recurring animal in a few of them.



Once your spirit animal appears to you there are 3 things you should do. The first is to research your animal. Study the being and its core traits and characteristics. Take a moment to reflect on why this particular animal chose you.

Secondly, write out all the qualities and traits of your spirit animal. Even the ones you don’t particularly like. Read over the list and identify which of them relate to you the most.

Your relationship with your spirit animal is unique and carries a deeper meaning. While the type of animal symbolizes your inner self, how you connect with your totem also holds an equally important message.

Your spirit animal is not set in stone. As you go through life developing and changing so can your spirit animal. Take the time to reassess yourself whenever you can and establish a spirit animal.




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