9 Ways to Achieve A Deeper & More Intense Meditative State

Meditation has been my saving grace in this hectic journey we call life. It is very easy to become so overloaded with daily activities that you forget to take time for yourself and reset your mind, body and spirit. Here are nine meditation techniques you can try to increase the length and depth of your meditation.


Empty Stomach:shutterstock_398480584

After eating, the energy of your body is directed toward the digestive processes, so your mental processes doesn’t get as much attention.

Meditation requires alertness, concentration and mental energy. It is much easier to meditate on an empty stomach.

However, if you are really famished and your hunger is distracting you, then eat something light like a piece of fruit.

Put Your Phone Away:

Put your phone on do-not-disturb, or turn it off completely. Let your friends and family know that during this time you do not want to be interrupted.

Go into a quiet room and close the door, close your eyes and leave the ordinary world behind. This has a deep psychological impact. Give yourself completely to the practice.


shutterstock_395172946Reading something spiritual or inspiring can encourage your mind.

The best thing you can do is try to set aside some time each day to read uplifting books, but make sure it’s after your meditation.

Reading beforehand can distract your mind and it will take longer to clear and calm your mind through meditation.


Regulate and Repeat:

Meditate regularly at the same time, twice a day. If you sincerely want to advance in your meditation it is important to establish a habit. One reason to practice two times a day is because the subliminal effect of the mantra carries over for about twelve hours. So if you meditate twice daily this effect will build continuously.shutterstock_374136676

Experienced meditators find that if they always meditate at, say, 7am and 7pm, when that time of day comes around they feel like they are meditating.

In the same way they would feel hungry or sleepy. The absolute best time for meditation is around sunrise and sunset.

Same Place:

Try to arrange a corner or even a small room as your meditation space. Keep it clean and fresh and keep going back there to meditate. When you go to this space, you will naturally want to meditate. Of course you can meditate anywhere, but it helps to have your OWN quiet and special place dedicated to meditation.


Comfort and Posture:

When meditation is really working there is a flow of energy upwards through the spinal column. Bad posture like slumping or slouching obstructs your energy flow, impairs your breathing, and reduces your mental alertness.

Gentle stretches or warm-ups help prepare the body for meditation. Some people find that putting a small pillow underneath their hips alleviates pressure on the knees and induces better posture by elevating the spinal column. If sitting on a rug, cushion or folded blanket is not comfortable, you may want to meditate sitting in a straight backed chair.




Kiirtan is a type of chanting or singing that enhances your meditation. The word Kiirtan means singing or chanting a spiritual mantra.

A mantra is a group of words, usually in sanskrit, that help soothe the mind and take you into a meditative state.

Music is the language of emotion and it can alter an individual’s emotional state in seconds.


I’m sure you knew already that deep breathing calms the mind, but not many people know the difference in breathing between your right and left nostrils.  If the flow of air through your left nostril is stronger, you will be able to concentrate much better in meditation.

If your right nostril is dominant you can change it by lying on your right side with your head on your right arm for a few moments. The left nostril will become dominant and you should now sit for meditation.

Group meditation:

Meditate with a group regularly and attend retreats whenever you can. The experience of chanting and meditating in a group is quite different than practicing on your own. This can be a great source inspiration, comfort and support, for you.



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