Forget The Stars In The Sky, Our Starfish Desperately Need Our Help

Starfish – absolutely amazing creatures. As a child, strolling along the shoreline, digging through rock pools, my fondest memories were those where I found one of these guys. Have you ever watched them closely? “From another world”, I would always say.shutterstock_371817862

Suddenly dying at an unusual rate, one has to wonder what is going on. what would this mean for surrounding wildlife?

Are other marine species also at risk?┬áSuspecting a bacterial affliction, scientists are calling it the “Sea Star Wasting Syndrome”. Actual findings are leaving us with some uncertainty.

Reoccurring die-offs are known to occur with Sea Stars, but never at this rapid rate and most certainly not this widespread!

See below video which sheds some light on the matter.

With thanks to The Rain Forest Site for their sad, yet educative article, we need to be alert and spread awareness to others. That is how we will win this battle to take back our planet and shape it into the marveling beauty it once was.

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