How The Ancient Egyptians Knew How to Unleash the Power of the Pineal Gland

Ancient Egyptians dedicated so much of their lives to understanding death, enlightenment, and higher levels of consciousness. Is it possible that they also uncovered the secrets to how we can not only open but unleash the power of our pineal glad?

shutterstock_84994249In the two videos below Schwaller de Lubicz moves to Egypt in 1935 where he, his wife Isha, and Daughter Lucy Lamy mapped and measured the Temple of Luxor.

They studied the exact proportions of the walls, floors, columns, and ceilings in order to uncover vast amounts of sacred geometry and divine proportion.

Sacred Geometry holds the patterns of creation and if the Ancient Egyptians knew about it thousands of years ago then they were much more advanced of a  society than once previously thought.

“In order for the indefinite volume of a sphere to become form, at least three directions must be defined, the polar axis and the four directions of the equatorial cross. This is the reason for the whole of the celestial mechanics, ordered by numbers that form a marvelous system and for which they are key.” –Ancient-Astronaut Arguments

This french speaking family spent 15 years studying the different Temples of Egypt in addition to The Luxor and documented their findings for the world.


Unfortunately, much of their work was never translated into English making this discovery mostly unknown to this side of the world.

Schwaller de Lubicz presented his work in Paris and slowly over time the work has been translated into other languages, including English allowing us to view it today.

In fact, it wasn’t until the winter of 1998 that the information about the Temple of Man was even released in English which was 50 years after the hard work was completed.

This incredible documentary below will show you the power and clarity that the Egyptians can bring to the world of Spirituality and Sacred Geometry, Enjoy.

Part 1

Part 2

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