Forest Kindergarten: The School That Teaches Kids Survival Skills

This kindergarten is amazing!

The word kindergarten actually comes from mid 19th century German, literally meaning ‘children’s garden.’ This school really puts that meaning into action!

This is an incredible, productive and extremely realistic way to teach children. There is still an equal importance in intellectual and academic way of learning. Opening a book, exploring concepts and our imaginations is crucial to our mental development.

But when we force children to sit in a room, repeat information and create intense expectations, we end up with a lot of overworked, stressed out kids. There is a balance between the books and wildlife, and it’s not difficult to mix them!

This school seems to create a sense of joy in the children. As it is still only kindergarten, there is more of a focus on the outside than academia. If we could create schools that keep the importance on both sides of the coin, we would create a fundamentally different world.

These kids are learning basic survival skills, how to navigate and exist in nature – something so important, yet many of us have forgotten. They are connecting to the earth at a young age, and doing it in the most practical way.

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