6 Important Questions To Help You Become An Expert Decision Maker

Every day we have to make tons of decisions. What you decide determines what happens in your life. Whether it is a friend who wants you to join him in the park or an acquaintance with a business opportunity, you are called upon to be a decision maker.

Become an Expert Decision Maker

Few identify themselves as an expert decision maker. Nevertheless, it is easy to become one. You only need a decision making model – a simple decision making process.

When you ask these 5 questions it becomes easy to make a decision. As you go through the questions, decide on which two are the most important to you.

The 6 Questions for Decision Making

1 – Will the Return Be Bigger Than the investment?

You can invest time, energy and money. Money is the easiest to understand, so I’ll use that as an example.

The returns are either in money, health, relationships or happiness.shutterstock_349179854

You’re standing in the store and see a Snickers. You feel that craving inside and feel torn.

The investment is 1$. Are the returns worth more than 1$?

It’s safe to assume you’ll earn no money from it. And it probably won’t revolutionize your relationships. You get short-lived happiness as you eat it, which has some value to you. Then there’s your health to consider. We know high-sugar foods impact your health negatively. And then there’s the feeling you have 30 minutes later and the rest of the day. All in all is a snickers worth 1$ to you?

Realize that returns can be negative.

What about a pair of sneakers? How much will it impact your health, wealth, relationships and happiness? Is it worth the price?

What about a TV?

Going for a coffee with 3 friends?

Going out drinking or staying home reading a book?

2 – What Is the Future Value?

A lot of things give us a short-term win – like buying a Snickers. But where does it leave us for the future?  Does it help you get future value in health, wealth or relationships?

3 – Do I Develop as a Person?shutterstock_223552441

I recently held two presentations for university students on how to learn fast. I didn’t earn any money. It took up a lot of my time.

The main reason why I did it was to develop as a person.

I wanted to challenge my fear of talking in front of crowds. The presentations went great. I have expanded. Now I am a person who can hold presentations in front of crowds.

4 – Does It Improve My Lifestyle?

Freedom and time are important commodities. If you say yes to an opportunity it is important to consider how it will affect your lifestyle.

Does it free up time? Do you get more freedom to pursue your dreams? Will life become more fun? Will you get more possibilities to help others?

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5 – Does It Improve My Emotional Well-Being

shutterstock_274799849If you go for it, will it improve your emotional well-being? Often, you will have an idea of how it will impact your happiness.

Will it make you more calm and add to your inner peace? Maybe it will give you more clarity of purpose?

You can think of your emotional well-being as a large body of water inside. You want your internal water to be a smooth and calm surface.

Avoid what creates rough internal waters, without a promise of future calm.

6 – Does It Make Life Better for My Friends, Family and Community?

Your decisions affect those close to you. Will it make life better for your friends, family and community?

The Decision Making Model In Summary

1.     Return on Investment

2.     Future Value

3.     Personal Development

4.     Lifestyle

5.     Emotional Well-Being

6.     Friends, family and community

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