What The Year 2000 Would Look Like According to Postcards From The 1900’s

We’ve heard of fortune tellers, scientists and philosophers. Many through history have tried to correctly predict what the future holds for us all. A certain candy company – Hildebrand’s, a then leading German chocolate company, depicted their ideas on a set of cards of what the year 2000 would look like.

This was dubbed “The Sweet Life”.


Capable of crossing the sea and then driving on land, transportation has never been easier.


It’s a bit embarrassing that personal flying machines have not yet become a thing. How easy would it have been for us to reach our destination if we could simply skip the traffic!


Craving a change of scenery? Simply move your house!

1900-postcards-moving-pavementMovable pavement sound strange? It was believed to be a future advancement for us all. Some complete with built in benches, this would ensure the public safely crossed roads without even walking!


Needing only a light jacket and some hiking boots, you could easily traverse the terrains of the North Pole. Feeling like a nice escape from your dreary winter, a nice balloon trip could sort that you for you.


Able to now watch a play anywhere. This broadcasting system allowed actors to travel. Friends and family could now watch a play together on a big screen wherever they wished.


Personal airships would decorate the sky. Leaving carriages and crowded streets, one could effortlessly reach their destination without the combined stress of day to day bustle.


X-ray machines, which could see criminals in the act. This could have provided useful when the police were in danger of going in to a crime scene blindly.


Roofed cities may actually have provided quite useful. If correctly constructed, an eco friendly environment could easily be formed. More commuters could walk or cycle, reducing emissions


This one isn’t too far from reality. Glass bottomed boats exist and tourists can now tour harbors and coast lines with a view of the ocean.


Imagine being able to walk on water. Sporting balloon harnesses and little “shoe boats” to keep their feet afloat, one man even rides a waterwheel across the river. There’s even a floating horse and carriage!


Rainy day? Imagine being able to point this weather control station at the sky, pressing a button and voila! Sunny day up ahead!

So it seems that predictions in general were usually way off. It’s still very interesting to think that human beings are ever craving evolution and advancement. This is what makes us the superior specie. The ability to create. Where should we draw the line though?

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