Ayahuasca Found to Reset The Brain to Allow For Deep Healing

Ayahuasca is a psychedelic substance used in entheogenic brews as a traditional spiritual medicine. Indigenous people in the Amazon region of Peru say that the spirits of the plants will guide them in their spiritual practices.

Ayahuasca is inactive if consumed without a monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI) plant to help it absorb and create the psychedelic experience. The Ayahuasca experience hyperactivates the brain and makes it possible for us to rewrite our old patterns of trauma in order to help us heal issues that are far in our past.shutterstock_268492997

In fact, this plant has also been helpful in recovering old memories and making it easier to understand ourselves and heal from those events.

In the early 1950s Harvard ethnobotanist Richard Evans Schultes was the first to talk about this substance outside of the indigenous communities. These communities were using the plant for both healing and divinatory purposes. 

The video below looks into the scientific discoveries about what is going on inside our brain when we are on the shamanic Ayahuasca brew. It also looks at how our brain patterns cling to old traumas causing almost a scar tissue effect in the neurons making it really hard to rewrite our patterns of behavior and healing from trauma.

Typically when stimuli enters the brain it is interpreted based on old experiences. If those experiences were traumatic it can create an overgeneralizing effect. This is common in people anxiety and can really make it hard for people to judge the truth about actual danger in different situations.

Ayahuasca allows us a way to get around our old blocks and temporarily frees our mind from its old patterns. This creates an opportunity for old entrenched neurons to make new connections which literally changes your brain.

Check out the video on it below!

Creating new mental pathways can really help us take the first few steps on our healing journey toward balance. Once we have established new, healthier patterns of though it is through consistency that we can rewire our brain and create a more balanced life.

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