Strawberry Solstice: How To Harness The Energy From The Full Moon In Sagittarius

There is a full moon tonight, and it is a special one! This is the first time since 1967 that a full moon is happening on the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere.

shutterstock_351198734This is the longest day of the year, so what a way to kick it off with a bright full moon to dance under in the warm summer nights. 

Each month corresponds to a specific type of moon according to Native American Algonquian tribes. This moon is called a strawberry moon because this was the peak time for picking strawberries!

This moon tends to be a bit more amber colored, because it’s shining through thicker, more humid summer air. This combination usually creates a slight amber tint.

This moon is in the Sagittarius constellation and is opposing the Sun which is in Gemini. Sagittarius, with the element of fire, is all about that spark of creation.

The energies behind this sign are excitement, action and transformation.

shutterstock_278701907This is a time of change, as the summer rolls in and people start to come out of the winter sadness. Sagittarius is about freedom and exploration, and what a better time to do some exploring than summer?!

On the other end of the spectrum we have Gemini. An air sign, all about communication and curiosity. These are signs concerned with growth and connection with people either through verbal, emotional or physical means. 

As we officially shift into the summer seasons, the timing of this moon represents the time to come out of your shell and experiencing the growth of life! Use this time to reflect on your connections with the people in your life.

What would you like to improve? How well are you communicating with people and yourself?

Here’s a great full moon ritual to ignite aspects of your life that may have started fading:

  1. Sit outside or somewhere you can fully see the moon
  2. Get in a comfortable position either sitting or laying down
  3. Close your eyes and start taking deep, slow breaths
  4. Concentrate on your breath until your mind clears and you can focus on your breath without mental interruptions shutterstock_112649744 (1)
  5. Visualize the light of the moon as energy you are absorbing. See it’s illumination through your minds eye. Imagine it pouring over your body and covering your being
  6. Use this charged energy to help you put your desires into practical action. Use the calm state you’re in to see clarity in the aspects of your life that are foggy
  7. Do this by focusing on the reoccurring problems you face in your life and go to the core of why it happens
  8. Keep going to the core of the problems, keep asking why and digging deeper into the question; is it only there you will find the answer.
  9. At any point you can open your eyes and focus on the moon to help feel the energy emanating off of it.
  10. Write any answers or important points that have come to mind during this meditation

You can use this full moon meditation ritual to help create clarity in your life. Use the energy of the moon to propel yourself into motion. Use the event of a rare full moon as a starting point for the change that needs to take place in your life.


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