Research Shows Homework Doesn’t Improve Academic Performance, It Makes It Worse

Oh, homework.

Most kids absolutely dread doing it, and it might be for good reason. Did you know the highest homework loads are in countries that have lower income?

Hong Kong and Japan, places that are known for top rankings in average math achievement had reports of less homework then the international mean. While places like the Netherlands, famous for having low stress loads on students, had 1 in 5 fourth-graders say they do no homework on an average school night..

And the Netherlands is in the top 10 for math average scores. ADHD-Child

Almost 10% of fourth grade children worldwide spend multiple hours a night on homework. Internationally, 1 in 5 fourth-graders spend 30 minutes or more on math to 3 to 4 times a week.

Different studies have shown excessive amounts of homework have led to sleep disruption and create a negative relationship to homework as it simply creates more stress.

There is no actual evidence to support that high levels of homework have measurable academic benefits. Many places in Europe in comparison to the US have more freedom in their schooling system which leads to better performance.


Many elementary schools outside of the US have a longer recess and less workloads which ultimately leads to more and better work getting done.

It’s not difficult to see that we are overworking our children; it is a result of our demanding and busy design of society. We are constantly pressured to do more, work harder it achieve more in competition with everyone else.

We are so ingrained in our way of being that the idea of teaching outside, learning things like gardening, meditation, and different forms of well-being seem completely irrelevant.

Kids are designed to move, they’re filled with energy and excitement that needs to be let out. Especially in the US, children are being diagnosed with ADHD when they can’t concentrate in school.

Less than .5% of children in France are diagnosed with ADHD while at least 9% of children in the US are diagnosed with it – scary huh? 

We need to shift our views to see the real value is hands-on, real world experiences. Majorly influential entrepreneurs like Elon Musk have taken their kids out of school because the system is clearly failing.

diversity-of-kids-meditating-during-yogaGrowing up, school was incredibly draining for me, and to come home for more hours of work seemed downright unfair. It is not a radical idea to think children learn better outside or while interacting with each other.

While banning homework is a topic discussed among many teachers, the root of the problem will be solved with a complete shift in the educational system.

To ban homework while keeping the same design of the system will definitely reduce stress but not take away the fundamental issues.

It is important for children to sit down and read, think intellectually and focus their attention on problem-solving. But if that is all they do with little stress relief, children will learn to see this world as constantly stressful and incredibly demanding.expat_children

Children are inherently wise, compassionate and insightful when they can thrive in a supportive environment. There are actually schools like this that teach children to read blindfolded and completely activate their psychic ability.

There’s a lot more to reality then these governing systems we put in place. When we can see that, we can actually experience it and then know fully the true potential of


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