4 Potentially Toxic Beauty Products You Probably Use Every Day

As we strive to increase our health and awareness we all come to a realization that many of our household products contain chemicals that are actually harmful to us, our pets, or the environment.

Did you know that many of the common products we use each day for personal hygiene and care contain around 168 ingredients?  Since the average woman will use 12 different personal care products a day that is a lot of possible toxins to sort through!

When we get up in the morning it is common to use toothpaste, soap, shampoo & conditioner, shaving cream, body wash, lotion, makeup, deodorant, and even hair styling products.

While not everything we use is harmful there are many products that contain chemicals that will mess with our hormones and cause serious health issues. Some of the most common ingredients to watch out for are dioxins, phthalates, and parabens.

“12.2 million adults – one of every 13 women and one of every 23 men – are exposed to ingredients that are known or probable human carcinogens every day through their use of personal care products.” [2]

If you come into contact with these chemicals once or twice your body can detox from them, but when you use them every day they build up in your system and your body can’t keep up with the toxic load.shutterstock_258564728

“One of every 24 women, 4.3 million women altogether, are exposed daily to personal care product ingredients that are known or probable reproductive and developmental toxins, linked to impaired fertility or developmental harm for a baby in the womb or a child.

These statistics do not account for exposures to phthalates that testing shows appear in an estimated three-quarters of all personal care products but that, as components of fragrance, are not listed on product ingredient labels” (EWG et al. 2002).

When you decide that you want to live a more pure, higher quality life do some research and find products that that will improve your self-care. You can also check out resources such as the Think Dirty App and the EWG Healthy Living App to help you find what you are looking for.

“One of every five adults are potentially exposed every day to all of the top seven carcinogenic impurities common to personal care product ingredients — hydroquinone, ethylene dioxide, 1,4-dioxane, formaldehyde, nitrosamines, PAHs, and acrylamide.

The top most common impurity ranked by number of people exposed is hydroquinone, which is a potential contaminant in products used daily by 94 percent of all women and 69 percent of all men.” [2]

Let’s take a look at the 4 most common products that you probably use and may actually be toxic.

A Bar of Soap


While a little bar of soap may seem harmless there is actually a lot more that goes into it than meets the eye. In order for a soap to be able to lather up when it comes in contact with water requires a chemical known as sodium Laureth sulfate or SLS. SLS can irritate you lung, skin and eyes, which is why it hurts so bad when the soap runs into your eyes.

Also, keep an eye out for parabens, triclosan, and the word fragrance. Fragrance is often a term which could cover a whole range of ingredients that are not listed on the label.

I love to use alternative ingredients in my soap such as coconut oil, cocoa butter, essential oils, shea butter, and olive oil. Check at local health food stores, and farmers markets to find the best quality ingredients. They may be more expensive but you will feel a difference. 

Deodorants with Aluminumshutterstock_395172529

Deodorants often contain aluminum which is a metal you don’t want in your body. It can mess with your immune system and then cause issues with your hormones.

It has been linked to cancer and other issues as well.

Keep an eye out for parabens, phthalates, triclosan, glycol, fragrance, and propylene when finding a new brand.

Instead, try and find deodorants that contain vitamin E, cocoa butter, shea butter, baking soda, arrowroot powder, and coconut oil.

Shampoo & Conditioner

Washing our hair is a bit part of our normal shower process. While we are used to our shampoo becoming very soapy it is another sign that you have dioxin and sodium Laureth  sulfate. These toxins are on our major list of ingredients to avoid in household products.

Avoid anything with potassium sorbate, colorants, fragrance, and Polyethylene glycol (PEG). Instead, look for shampoos with more natural ingredients.

Toxic Body Lotion

shutterstock_129218972I am the type of person who uses lotion multiple times a day and made sure that switching to a higher quality product was at the top of my list.

The biggest think you have to look out for is the additives that are used to imitate a butter or oil such as the coal tar (a cancer linked thickening agent), fragrance, butylated compounds, and parabens.

Instead, look for a lotion made out of real and natural butter such as shea butter, cocoa butter, essential oils, or just use an organic coconut oil!

Making the switch can take some time and efforts but the reward is a much better feeling, high-quality product that keeps you healthy and toxin free.

While you are at it switch out your chemical cleaners too!

Let us know what your favorite natural products are in the comments below.







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