Do You Still Eat Hotdogs? You Might Want To Read This!

You may have seen this video before. I remember seeing this as a kid on the TV show “How It’s Made”.

This show is both amazing and harmful because it shows how things are created, but it’s only one facet of the truth. This show is a great example of how programmed we truly are. It seems as if, because the process of how hotdogs are made is open for all to watch, that it must not be THAT bad for us. You can watch them add the immense amount of salt, corn syrup and flavorings, so what’s the harm?

First of all, some meat that is ground up into hotdogs includes bone, cartilage and things like hooves.  They are the scraps from other animals. There is a whole other subtopic of how these animals are treated beforehand that leads to you eating a vibration that is essentially, trauma.

A big concern is the intense processing the meat goes through before reaching you. If you are a meat eater and get meat from a local farm, that is a different story. When you are buying mass produced meat scraps wrapped in plastic, there’s really no way to defend that it can be good for us.

There is a big confusion about nitrates and nitrites. Nitrates are in many vegetables like most leafy greens, beets, celery lettuce and much more. When you consume nitrates, your body processes a small amount of them into nitrites.

The problem is, sodium nitrite is a manufactured preservative added to hot dogs to help them maintain their signature pink color. In high heat, nitrites combine with amines in the processed meat to create nitrosamines. It is this combination that is carcinogenic and incredibly harmful.

It has been shown that nitrosamines can be linked to a variety of cancer and cellular damage within your body.

This is all clearly being created for convenience’s sake. There is no love or compassion going into creating hotdogs, for the very basis of their existence requires slaughter. If you are a meat eater, be extremely careful of any meat you consume. Many labels claim to be organic or all natural and just blatantly aren’t.


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