The Only Chakra Test Out There That Is Actually Accurate

Most tests or quizzes on the internet are completely inaccurate, or just a silly thing we do for fun. So many quizzes claim to be able to understand your personality with only a few clicks. Most of us know these are usually a waste of time if you’re really looking for accurate results.chakra1

A friend recently brought this test back to my attention, after I had found it years ago. What makes this test different is its thoroughness and actual accuracy in its results. Throughout many questions, it gathers which chakras are closed or open based on how you act in the physical. Chakra’s represent different aspects in our life that are emotional, mental and physical.

It is as simple as, if you’re struggling with your root chakra, this can mean you’re struggling financially or the environment you’re in isn’t supportive.

chakra25If your sacral chakra is closed, you may feel suppressed sexually or distant from your emotions, as it is your emotional center.

If your solar plexus is closed, this can be a representation of your willpower and confidence. If you’re struggling with your self-image, confidence or aspect of your ego, this can be in relation to your solar plexus. 

When your heart is closed, which it is for many of us, we can feel disconnected from each other. Many of us do not actually feel the intimate and literal connection between everything in this universe, for it is all one single energy. We can feel that through the center of our heart when it is open.

If your throat chakra is closed, not translate to you feeling more shy than usual, feeling shut down and cut off either around you. Displeasing to other aspects of you wear, for instance, if someone shut down in a situation, that healing can carry out into the future.

If your third eye is closed, this may look like a lack of insight or being able to really observe what is around you both physically and energetically.

Your crown chakra is a bit more complex, it can be a representation of many things. The energies of the crown chakra can look like a deep inner knowing or understanding of the nature of the universe. A feeling of disconnection can also be in relation to this chakra. Chakra05

So this site gathers an array of different information, anything from do you trust people, do you communicate in writing, to talk a lot, do you feel grounded, is your voice clear?  

And it lets you answer on a scale from not at all, to definitely. I found when I answer as honestly as possible, the result accurately reflects my personality. It is crucial to be as honest as possible so the result will be accurate.

This test can help you see aspects of your life that you may need to work on and see physical personality traits that you can work on shifting.

Try it out!

How accurate did you find your results? 

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