Mental Illness or Emotional Genius: 3 Fundamental Problems With Our Medical System

The nature of consciousness is still something we are trying to understand scientifically.

What we call a mental “illness” is something we deem as abnormal functions in the brain. It is a chemical imbalance that shifts the way you interact with life – but it is not an illness. It is not a disease or disability either.

Something like down syndrome is considered a disorder, because sometimes there are physical and mental impairments.

But people with down syndrome and similar “disorders” are extremely emotionally connected.


They literally live through their emotional body; similar to a child who can view the world in it’s purity. Some would say they are more connected to Source or God because of their open nature.

Anything from “ADHD” to restless leg syndrome is an official illness these days. It’s clear many of these disorders are stemming from the design of our society and blatant disconnection from each other and the earth.

There is so much stigma and misunderstanding surrounding the idea of mental illness. If we could combine science with a holistic approach to understanding consciousness, the brain, and how it all functions we could make leaps in understanding.

1. People Think You’re “Crazy”

One of the biggest misunderstandings that come with mental illness’s is being called crazy, psycho or other harmful words. There is no such thing as normal anywhere in the universe, it is a 3-D, social construct we have created. We need to reclaim these words, for they are simply collective manifestations of ideas. We give them power, and we can take that power back.


2. Once You’re Diagnosed; You’re Given Medication 

The problem with this is that a lot of the time people are misdiagnosed a few times until getting it right. 12 million Americans a year get misdiagnosed and given medication that does not treat the right chemical structure of their brain.

Many people get severely worse in their symptoms because of the wrong kind of medication.

This is a major flaw in the pharmaceutical industry, there is only so much a pill can do. It is so clear that the solution is combining science and holistic; things like listening to your body and being in nature aren’t a New Age idea, it is our natural way of being.

3. Mental Illness is A Symptom of Society

Yes, genes and many other factors come into play when someone is born with this type of ‘disorder’. But the way society treats mental illness is either as if you’re just being lazy or you’re a psychopath. There is no deep understanding of why this is a global phenomenon.

 Especially with things like ADHD which barely exist in places like France comparing to the United States. It is not a very “out there” idea to think that children need to be outside exercising a lot more than sitting in a classroom. 

man-in-despair1Children are given Ritalin when they daydream in Math classes. Bi-Polar sufferers are medicated beyond reality to keep them smiling and co-operative. Emotionally connected people are fed anti-depressants.

We need to have options in the world that benefit everyone, for those creative children who need to be free, to bipolar people who need a relaxing environment.

If we created the accommodations for everyone, and people with mental illness is to actually relax, we would see things like depression, anxiety and many “illnesses” disappear. They are a direct result of the way we are living on this planet.

Instead, we have the choice between medication and a ledge.

Many empathic, and even psychic abilities are suppressed because these medications numb our brains. We need to look at mental illness as serious as a physical illness.

Toward Digital Encryption

We are quick to help those who break a leg, but not those who struggle mentally. It is because it is “in our heads” but so is everything in this reality; for this is simply a projection of the mind.

“Confusion is the beginning of wisdom.”

There is nothing made in a lab that can replace the compassion, care and understanding of a human being.

What can we, as a society do? Be there, listen open heartedly. Stand up for the prophets, the healers and the leaders. We need them!






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