This Boy Died, Went To Heaven & Then Came Back to Tell Us What He Experienced

Heaven is a state of being. 

I thought this video was fascinating from a perspective that is beyond religion, Jesus and the personification of God.

After a having his appendix rupture at the age of 3, Colton Burpo died and went to what many people understand as “Heaven”. He says he saw Jesus gently float down and take him through the light, to a place he called “The Throne Room of God”. There, he met his dad’s grandpa who told him about how he used to farm with his grandson. He also met an unborn sister that, when he told his mom about, was utterly astonished. There was no way he could have known any of the information he had after waking up.

HIFR Colton 12

What happened in that higher state of being is not a religious experience, it is beyond our understanding of concept. Your surroundings after you die is a reflection of your consciousness in this life. If you grow up in a religious household, constantly interacting with religious symbols and figures, those ideas are embedded into your consciousness and get reflected back to you when you die.

You see what you believe. You are a powerful creator, more than you realize. 

Consciousness does not cease to exist after the physical body dies, and what happens after depends on you. Many people don’t believe or understand that they’ve died, especially when it’s sudden or violent.  They keep living their typical lives, for this physical reality stems from a mental projection in the first place.

It is so fascinating Colton said that God put familiar people around him to keep him calm. Many people who have died and come back to life report that their family members immediately greet them after death. They are surrounded in an environment that makes them comfortable.

When we understand that everything is fundamentally one energy, the idea of a single personified God is merely a projection from our own consciousness. Consciousness itself is made up from this energy, there is no one creator of it; it makes up all-that-is.

Because this boy grew up in a family where his father was a pastor, someone very connected to our idea of God, continuing that same stream of consciousness after he died was a familiar and comforting feeling for him.

We are all one in energy expressing itself infinitely, and we are all the creators of it.



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