5 Things You Learn When You Spend Time Alone

You Reflect on Yourself

When you spend time alone, the only person there to bounce ideas off of, reflect from and be with, is yourself. It is a perfect time to reflect on past experiences, feelings and thoughts you’ve had but haven’t fully processed yet.

When you are living with The Now as much as possible, there still needs to be time to look back on the patterns of your life to help you see a head. What are the experiences that have made you who you are?

Who do you want to be? What steps can you take to fully embody your most authentic self?

You Appreciate Relationships More 

When you’re alone for too long – you start to miss people! We are naturally social and community based creatures. We need each other to stay alive from a survival perspective; humans have always existed tribe like communities together. It’s great to spend time with yourself to have it help remind you how much fun and enjoyment you get from being around your friends. If you really don’t miss any of your close friends in your life, take this time to reflect on what you truly want out of your friendships and how it can happen.

You Become More Creative

002-mirror-of-selfAlone time can be some of your most crazy times! Everyone likes to sing and dance when they’re alone… Or is that just me? Take the time to do what you love if thats art, crafting, singing, dancing, yoga; whatever it is!

I love playing music and painting in my room. When you’re really enjoying yourself and just flowing with your creations, you really are channeling ‘Source’ energy. It is purely creation, enjoyment and being lost in the moment.

Some of these experiences can be the most important ones in your life!

You Feel Independent

I love going on car rides to the store by myself. Whenever someone wants to come too, a part of me gets a little sad because I can’t blast music and sing really loud. I mean, I could, but it’s not the same. When I do this, I feel really independent and like an actual functioning adult!

This drive is almost an hour and it’s through mostly thick woods and farm land so it’s always an amazing experience.  Go take care of some things in your life, like a boss; and you’ll feel so rewarded just by getting your errands done!

You Recharge

Similar to reflecting, many people who consider themselves introverts or are anxious need time to recharge.

This can look like zoning out into a movie or some form of media, just to give their brain a break. People that are extra sensitive are hyperaware and need time for their brains to just zone out.

This isn’t always sleeping or relaxing, its a form of distraction that can bring peace to an overwhelmed mind.



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