The 10 Facts About Anxiety Nobody Talks About

1. You can be social with anxiety. Many people love being around friends and family but still aren’t able to fully control the feelings of anxiety. They are put into a sort of stuck position of wanting to be alone but also around people.

2. You are hyper aware. Even if you don’t want to be, when you are in a state of panic your body forces you into a state of hyperawareness. anxiety560bf5cc1b00003000dfdeb0

3. It looks different for everyone. Some people are very extroverted about it and will verbally let you know. Others, it’s completely inside them and you would never know unless they told you.

4. You can feel guilty after. If you opted out of a group event, party or fun opportunity, after the anxiety wears off is when you can start feeling like you regret your choices.

5. Medication doesn’t always work. For many, they are misdiagnosed and given wrong medication that only worsen the effects. For some, they don’t even need pharmaceuticals, just time in nature and support people in their lives.

6. The fear of anxiety can sometimes cause it. When you are focusing all your energy on not being anxious, you are still feeling that emotion and creating it within you.

shutterstock_1553494107. It feels like it will never end. Trust yourself that it will. You are stronger than you know and if this isn’t your first time being anxious, then you know you can get through it.

8. Anxious people might have higher IQ’s and heightened sensitivities levels. A few studies have shown that people with anxious minds have also been linked to better IQ tests and having more empathy.

9. You feel like no one understands. The good thing is that most people actually do. Everyone gets anxious in their own way, and it’s finding out how to communicate it in a way that both people will understand is how real connection is made.

10. Understanding each other can heal you. When we see that we really are the same, we feel the exact same emotions through our own unique filter, that’s when we can really connect with each other. We’ve forgotten that we are truly one energy expressing itself infinitely.

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