5 Thrilling Experiences Young Lovers Get To Share

Oh to be young and in love. Or any age for that matter. Love really is a state of being, is a lens to view the world through. One way most of us understand love is through physical, mental and emotional connection with each other.

Feeling that rush of excitement when you first realize you’re falling in love with someone is what we came down to Earth to do: experience.

Is there someone making that space in your heart? You probably already know, you don’t need a list to see if you’re really starting to love someone. For those that might be a bit more shy or this is something new to you, then this is for you!

Your Heart Tightens Around Themclose-eye-contact

Emotions of excitement, joy and sometimes anxiety come from our chest and around our heart.

When you have that mixed feeling of excitement and anxiousness around them, that’s your body directly giving you a physical reaction to just being around their presence.

Fundamentally, everything is energy so you can actually feel their heart field and how they’re feeling if you tap into it.

You Dream About Them

Got someone stuck in your subconscious? Sometimes our dreams bring up weird things. If there’s someone you’ve been thinking about a lot or not trying to think about (which is the same thing), then they are all up in your subconscious! Allow these thoughts and dreams to happen without judgement.


If you’re dreaming about someone that you like, telling them could be a great conversation!

We can’t control what we always dream about, so if you are close enough with that person, sharing that experience with them can tighten your connection.

You Can be “Weird” Together

Everyone’s weird, no one is normal because normality is simply a mental construction. But you know when you are with your close friends you can do anything together? It’s like that.

Being completely open, crazy and not caring about judgement, because there is none. When you have that with someone you like, that’s how you know you have a strong connection. The absence of judging is just being. You aren’t thinking about what’s happening, you’re just part of it.

You Are Not Restricted By Them

It’s great to want to be with your partner, but everyone needs their own personal space. When your partner can give you time to yourself, with your friends or whatever you need, that’s how you know they care for you.best-friends-cute-dress-dresses-friends-Favim.com-114352

It’s so important to understand the difference between knowing what’s good for them, and THINKING you know what’s good for them. Knowing it takes observation, care and actually asking questions.

In really open relationships, it can be really healthy to practice trust with each other. If you are in the type of relationship where you and your partner can be together while seeing other people, that is a great practice of love.

To transcend jealousy for each other and take all restrictions away is a tough thing to do. Multiple person relationships take that skill, and it definitely something you work at.

They Bring Out The Best in You

There’s always ups and downs in a relationship, but at the end of the day, your partner should be able to bring out the best in you.

happy-jumping-joy-sunsetThey should be your other half, reflecting you and bringing out your light.

There are always things to work at, and it’s very possible to be in a loving relationship that’s also seen as ‘toxic’. A lot of it has to do with how we are raised and what love looks like to us.

Get your partner to smile, tap into that side of them that makes you feel good and then you are both uplifted.

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