NASA Captures Interesting UFO Sighting At Space Shuttle

If you don’t believe in the existence of alien life or any form of consciousness outside our own, click here first.

There are many instances that happen in both in space and on Earth which aren’t reported to the public by NASA.


There are countless sightings, interactions and ongoings that are not only unavailable to the public, but most people get shamed and invalidated for even bringing up such an idea.

I found this video and thought it was a great demonstration of how not all activity in the sky is government crafts, and a lot of the time, they don’t know what’s actually going on either.

It’s interesting, because there are many layers in the governmental and military system which are shrouded in secrecy. Everything is on a need to know basis and they teach from the fundamental idea: don’t question it, just report it.

There are layers of information known only to a hidden few. Things like the Skull and Bones group, Bohemian Grove, Rothchild and Rockafeller families all sort of form this vague idea of “The Illuminati”.


Certain members from these influential families have access to technology, information and can interact with other species. Most people deem that impossible as they can’t see how it all connects.

There is so much more going here than meets the eye, and the higher ups will do anything to cover it up and condemn anyone who tries to pull that cover off.

This video has a collection of a few instances where NASA recorded a few sightings that they didn’t plan on seeing. There is an interesting part where 3 ships form a triangle shape and move around organically.

The video is shot through an ultraviolet camera, showing how most crafts aren’t actually visible to the human eye. There is a part where many crafts seemingly cross the screen, none of which can be seen without an ultraviolet camera.


What do you think? Our collective consciousness has almost gotten to a point where the idea of extraterrestrial life is coming to light.

It’s no longer a conspiracy to think there are more lifeforms out there and there are things our governments know about that we don’t.  This is your wake up call. 


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