This Man Beautifully Describes The Experience of OCD Through A Breath-Taking Poem

I found this video a few years ago and love revisiting it from time to time. I haven’t made an article on Spirit Science for awhile and thought I could start again by sharing something I love. I’ve always enjoyed watching slam poetry or live, intense bearings of the soul through beautiful words and body language.

I can’t ever watch this video without tearing up! It speaks to me so loudly even though I don’t experience OCD to this degree. I think a lot of the causes of things like ADHD and OCD are direct results of the disconnection in our society. It’s how we read the brain, how we’re just starting to understand consciousness scientifically, how we dismiss what we don’t understand as mentally ‘ill’.

We’ve constructed a world that is the fundamental cause of experiences like OCD. Where sitting still for half of the day in a classroom is the best way to learn; where we’re shown constant stimulation from the media and get sucked into a continually rushed system of living.

This man so beautifully describes what he experiences everyday. every time I watch it I get a shiver that radiates throughout my body. It makes me reflect on who I am and why this world is the way it is. I hope it does the same for you.


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