These Bees Were Taught How To Make Honey Out Off Marijuana

A 39 year old Frenchman beekeeper has made a break through in bee training. He has been training his bees for the last 20 years, to make  honey out of anything.

“I have trained bees to do several things, such as collect sugar from fruits, instead of using flowers,” he explains.

Not just fruits and flowers though, medical grade cannabis as well! He calls himself, Nicolas Trainerbees, and he has gotten a lot publicity on the web since figuring how to get the bees to collect this ‘canna-honey’. His passion for nature and and her remedies is fairly impressive. He trains the bees to collect the resin of the plant, since their enzymes turn nectar of sugar into honey.

The result is a unique honey with properties of wild honey, and cannabis. The cannahoney is very floral in scent, and doesn’t need to be smoked. The bees will copy the results to any strain, the process will look the same.

The bees sadly don’t get high as they lack the endocannabinoid system to process the cannabis. They see it as another food source.

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