9 Great Lessons Modern Humanity Has Forgotten

As technology and society grow in scope, we as a species become more disenchanted and dependent on these aspects we create. We as a race have forgotten more than we currently know. What was important to know two hundred years ago, is still important today, even if only to track our progress.

Forgot Our Place In Nature

As humans we are a part of nature. Striving to move away from our ‘baser’ instincts and beastly nature, we have disconnected from nature.  We haven’t just disconnected, we have brought serious disbalance to our natural environment. Our cooperation with nature is no longer tied to our survival, so we no longer pay attention to the effects of our actions.

We Forgot Our Connection To Life And The Cosmos

In modern times, we have gotten tied up in plastic pursuits and concerned only with our placement in societal hierarchies. We don’t treat the miracles of life the same as we with the same awe and reverence we used to. This lack of respect has back fired in the form of us no longer being naturally in tune with the cosmos.

We Forgot Our Wisdom

Through the ventures of acquiring and categorizing as much information as we can, we’ve lost the common sense to use that information well. Wisdom is not as publicly sought out after as it was in past times. We’ve mistaken the ability to do something with the right to do it.

We Forgot Our Purpose

Through the mechanations of this century we have lost track of voices that are supposed to guide us. We try harder to fit our lives into grand blanket theories rather than try to  find theories that apply to us as individuals. The increase in population has increased the noise and changed the statistics of what once worked.

We Forgot To Love And Forgive

It is not natural for people to be friendly and love another. We forgot that everything is energy and love is the most powerful energy known. Without love there can’t be forgiveness.  With out forgiveness, mistakes and trespasses are give rise to more anger and resentment. We are stuck in this cycle of war because of a lack of love and forgiveness.

We Forgot To Be Free

Everyday and every moment you have the right and ability to be free. We forget this often. We are bound by our fears, desires, and material possessions. We are made to believe that the sliver of control the governments and religions allows us, are worth the time and freedom we give them. Any person or institution that has power over us, only has that power because we gave it to them.

We Forget The Lessons From History

The past is a scary and haunting concept in today’s society. The mistakes of our past are never truly reconciled or clearly examined. We rush from one mistake to the next, and with each mistake we become more reckless.

We Forgot Simplicity

Society gets more and more complicated, in answer to the growing number of humanities issues, and we have started to think everything has to be complicated. Life grows more complicated if we don’t take strides to simplify it. We have to actively simplify the aspects of our life to combat how complicated our minds naturally make things.

We Forgot To Trust And Have Faith

This is the era of ‘prove it’ mentality. We won’t trust anything that isn’t proven in a laboratory. We trust facts over our own intuitions. Facts can be framed to support any idea or theory. Here is lies the problem, without faith we are unrepentant skeptics with cynical views. Nothing can get better with out faith or some form of positivity.


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