8 Truths That Strengthen Your Connection With Your True Self

The day to day hum-drum of life can mask the deeper meanings and energies of life. Our monkey or robotic mind is given the lead, to carry us through tasks and duties we may not much care for. Anytime life seems to be monotonous, I guarantee it’s the way you’re looking at it. Take back the reigns with these simple reminders.

Everything Is Temporary

While this fact can sometimes be depressing, it can be a source of joy. The world and our lives in it are constantly evolving. This means new challenges, experiences and friends! It’s only when we stop rolling with the punches, and become rigid and attached does this fact become a hindrance.

You Are What Your Supposed To Be

You are an amazing and unique person. If you ever lose sight of this, you need to only shift your perspective and stop yourself from examining the negative.

You Are Where You Belong

Where you are in the world is exactly where you need to be. If it weren’t, you would be elsewhere. If you disagree, your probably on your way to a different locale. Something brought you to where you are currently, and the your momentum will carry you else where.

All Answers Lie Within

You are an aspect  and expression of the infinite. You have every conceivable possibility inside of you. This includes answers to any question or problem you may have. The fact the you are able to understand a problem or think of the question means you can find the answer. You need only focus and try.

Fear Doesn’t Have To Rule You

Only the reckless ignore their fear, and only a fool lets it rule him. Listen to this emotion as it can point out a hidden pitfall. Beyond examining the situation, fear is a tool of your lower mind. Answer the danger head on and do something productive with it. Fear is a teacher, not a punishment.

Don’t Try To Control Everything

Tired of trying to keep everything in line? Then stop it. Life isn’t supposed to be compartmentalized, or ‘kept in line’. Trying to control everything is a great way to drive others away from your and limit possibilities. If you find your self attempting to monitor and limit many of the aspects of your life realize that everything you are doing control wise is based off fear, expectation and an egocentric view point. Nothing about this is healthy.

Acceptance Is Key

Acceptance is the second step an any productive procedure. The first is acknowledgement. After acknowledging an element and then accepting it for what it is, the door opens to genuinely interact with it. Whether changing it, nurturing it, or what ever the case may be, you must first accept what it is and does.

A Comparative Mind Is A Destructive Mind

Life is full of differences and similarities, when you start to attribute specialized meaning to these characteristics you will run into trouble. We only ever know a fraction of a situation or person so diagnosing meaning with such a limited array of information is counterproductive.

You Are Never Alone

You always carry with you the voices, decisions and love of the people you’ve known. The sum of who you are is influenced heavily by the people you’ve known and knowledge you’ve gained. I think it’s beautiful to remember how many voices are combined within my own. There are monks and people around the world giving prayers and goodwill to everyone who needs it. There are some many energies, people, and institutions out there wishing you well, you only need to ask.

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