How You Handle Anger Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Everyone reacts differently to life’s ups and downs.¬† Some people do really well when the pressure is on and others prefer a constant stream of activities. A lot of this guess work of how do people react is based off typecasts. Someone born under certain signs have certain strengths and weaknesses. This means they react to stimuli according to those strengths and weaknesses.



Deep thinkers and over analyzers, Capricorn fear intimacy. They don’t want people to get to close to them for all sorts of reasons.

They use parts of their life like their careers to protect them, push others away and distract them from their loneliness.

Capricorn detaches heavily when hurt.


Aries are very impulsive and often act out in anger. Once Aries gets going, its hard to stop them. Because Aries is actually fairly insecure under all that bravado, Aries will retreat into a moody self centered funk. Keep them focused on other tasks and there shouldn’t be an issue.


Never the most patient of signs, Taurus is quick to anger. When they get hurt, they retreat into isolation, Their stubbornness makes it hard for them to accept reconciliation.


von_siebold_japanese_zodiac_7eThe biggest strength of Gemini, their great analytic minds, are also their greatest weaknesses.

They are known for turning flies into elephants, and wasting valuable time and energy to do so.

When they are in a truly awful funk, they use their capable imaginations to run from reality.


Easily one of the most emotional of any of the signs, Cancers get very needy and emotional when faced with adversity. They start to listen to their insecurities, ignoring reason and rational thought. Cancers have inherent trust issues that makes it hard for them to bond at the best of times. When they get depressed or unhappy they will push all ties aside.


Leo’s readily express the deepest (slightly dramatic)shows of emotion. Normally their pride is involved in some way. They will rage and be confrontational, expressing hypersensitivity and extremely deep emotions. The good thing about a sad Leo is they don’t stay like this for long.


Virgo’s get cold and distant when they are upset. Take care to not push them too far, they will get angry and say cruel things to hurt those around them.


Libra’s have probably the most dangerous behavior when they get sad or upset.

They don’t express whats bothering them and bury their suffering and anger deep down.

When they can’t take it anymore or try to vent just a little bit, they’ll explode from all that pressure.


Scorpios can get very nasty when rubbed the wrong way or in pain. If they aren’t lashing out, then it may be difficult to see if anythings wrong. Pay close attention and you will see the minute indicators of a deep seated rage or sadness.


Sagittarius’s deep feelings reflect when they fall into depression. They can go into cycles of lethality, not doing anything for days. Sagittarius tends to optimistic when in the company of others. This can make it hard to diagnose whats going on. If they are in caught cycle of hanging out having fun and then disappearing for a couple of days, talk to someone you trust to break the pattern.


you_belong_to_me_by_aquasixio-d799lr21Aquarius is normally one of the more positive and happy go lucky signs.

They carry their hurt deep, deep down, this makes it difficult to see.

Their defense mechanism when suffering is to completely detach from everything.


Obsessing on problems or future possibilities is a specialty of Pisces. They also will go and relive a painful memory, again and again. Looking for answers, this practice just bums Pisces out more and opens the door for feelings of bitterness and resentment.

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