The Intention Challenge: Are You Ready To Change Your Life?

The way we start our day has a huge impact on the day’s events. Its common and natural to wake up in a reactionary kind of way. We wake up hungry so we eat. We wake up upset so we try and run from that feeling. I’d like to challenge you to an one week experiment. I promise it’ll take maybe an hour, over the course of your week.

I’d like you to create an intention or feel free to use any combination of the ones listed below. Write it down in a couple of choice locations such as your fridge, next to your laptop, in the bathroom, at your desk at work, or in your car. When you wake in the morning take a couple moments to acknowledge how you feel and with out expectation, examine your intention. At the end of the week see how you felt and how productive you were. At the end of this week I’ll go into further detail on how to craft intentions specific to you. I’ll also cover potential pitfalls that occur in playing with intention.

The difference between an expectation and a intention is a crucial distinction. Expectation is the perception that something will occur. This aim can be passively or actively worked toward, but it is only a perception. Expectation can lead to surprise but more often it adds disappointment to our lives. Intention is the acknowledgement of aspects of our present. You acknowledge the love in your heart and encourage it to grow. Your not expecting it to. You pour energy into the intention and that changes the ‘depth’ of the intended aspect. Try not avoid turning your intention into a expectation.

Do your thing with passion and integrity even if folks don’t notice you.  We do what we do not for an applause, but because we know it’s right.

It important that we be able to acknowledge the opinions of our peers and not become dependent on them. Only you know what certain actions and ideas mean to you. You do your best to relate them to others so they can understand you better but that understanding will never be first hand. So if you go through life allowing external forces to change you, you will never achieve any deeper understandings of the world around you.

Whatever your challenge is, worrying about it won’t help.  Either do something to address it or do something to let it go.

You only have so many hours in the day, so many tasks you can stay focused on, why waste any energy towards worry. If I find myself obsessing negatively on something, I remind myself of what I am already doing to achieve that end. If there is nothing more I can do , then I remind myself that I took the matter a seriously as I could and whatever happens happens. I renew my faith in my ability to roll with the unexpected.

The secret to being grateful is no secret.  You choose to be grateful.  Then you do it again and again.  Every day.  When you forget, begin again.

Persistence in repetition is a staple of meditative practice. Forgetting is a human error and to be easily forgiven. In ALL things it is important to remember to continue to strive.

Two things, more than anything else, define you daily: Your patience when you are struggling, and your attitude when you are not.

Suffering is the instrument of change and how we deal with it defines our character. whether your life is currently stable or unbelievably hectic, remember that all things come to pass. Keep your head as high as you can and act with modesty and compassion, the craziest life transitions occur when we never expect it.

Before you waste it on anger, resentment, spite or envy, think of how precious and irreplaceable your time is today.  Positivity always pays!

This is the whole reason you are setting an intention, the Buddha once said, ‘The trouble is that we all think we have time.’ He was right the future is uncertain and the possibilities are infinite. Live your life with appreciation and enjoyment, you have no idea what tomorrow holds.

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