What Are The 7 Centers Of Consciousness?

Humans are naturally complicated. Emotions, thoughts, intention,s, and knowledge are just a few of the infinite formations that make us, us. Through different styles of discipline (meditations or yoga)we can fully acknowledge and interact with with ‘ourselves’.  The more clearly and thorough we are in identifying formations, the more efficiently we grow, both spiritually and mentally.

There is a grouping of core formations, that we will call centers in this article. These centers are similar to charkras but in your mind.

The Security Center

This is the part of yourself that handles securing and protecting your basic needs and health. Food, shelter, water, family, friends, and general emotional content, are just a few examples of the assets that this aspect of yourself prioritizes. Serving as a sort of ‘situation room’, this aspect kicks into gear when threatened or a necessity is identifies.

The Sensory Center

This part of yourself is concerned with your enjoyment of life’s riches. This part of you tries to encourage as many pleasurable activities as it can. On the flip side of that sensory coin, it endeavors to not be hurt.

The Power Center

Concerned with both internal and external forms of power, this aspect seeks and tends to power. Building sources of wealth, influence, and prestige, to gain more of the same or striving for a specific goal, you’ll want to be careful when nurturing this center. It’s important to be able to influence the world around us in as diverslly as possible.Equally as important, is humility and a desire to strengthen your community. To keep safe from the greed that drives people to do terrible things for money and power, don’t ever seek influence and power alone. These aspects should only be sought when a specific goal is recognized. After the goal has been finished, cease to manipulate your enviroment.

The Love Center

This center is obviously responsible for your romantic relationships. The responsiblities of this center extend past that, including any interpersonal relationships, and the very important ability to love ourselves. The development of this center is crucial to transcending the barriers that seperate individuals from individuals. As you nurture this center, you strengthen the inoput and output of your heart. This results in a boost to the sincerity and frequency of empathic response’s.

The Cornucopia Center

This emotionally driven aspect of yourself is responsible for the creation and maintenance of your sense of consciousness and your specialized perception of reality.

The Self Awareness Center

This center of yours, is arguably the most important on this list, your self awareness center will co-ordinate your personality strengths to better understand yourself and the world around you. This featured outlook is particular to you, so you’ll want to always take the time to understand your feeling towards life and the relationship between your feelings and your growth and productivity rate.

The Cosmic Awareness Center

The cosmic awareness center is how all your other centers, talents, friends and understandings boil into the ‘grand scheme’.  This is the highest operational center for you. When everything is firing correctly with your other centers, this will be where you look to the mysteries and infinite beauty of the universe. This is where you put aside ‘you’, your name and become one with the cosmos.

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