7 Signs Your Guardian Angel is Trying To Contact You

Angels are non physical entities that vibrate at a different frequency than us physical mortals. These spiritual custodians are always attempting to guide actions and interject thoughts that will be of benefit to us. It all comes down to whether or not you have the capacity of mind and soul. Are you willing to believe in powers that are trying to stop humanity from it’s own cold and destructive hands?


Do you see patterns that go beyond the norm?

It a mystery as to how these guardians came to protect and care for us. I believe that this mystery is an inherent aspect of the infinite universe.

As an element of the infinite, we all see different answers. Regardless of how you visualize the truth, the manner that angels appear have stayed the same for a long time.

Normally never manifesting as physical projection they have a tendency to appear in more subtle ways. The seven ways lists below are some of the more common experiences reported by people the world over.

Changes in Temperature

The room may get warmer or colder inexplicably. The way angels vibrate can slow or speed up the molecules in the air, resulting in a change in temperature. Pay attention to what you are doing or thinking and feel out what is being communicated.

Unexplained Fragrances

Have you ever been at home or in the wilderness, a place where random scents are hard to find, and smelled something amazing?

If you can smell an inconsistent smell to your surroundings and its very pleasant, an angel could be a hug away.

Smell is strong sense, with heavy ties to memory. What did you smell? What did it make you think of?

Voices Murmuring To You

While this is absolutely an indication you are bat shit crazy, in this context that’s a good thing! You are open to the inclinations of the universe, where others are remaining closed off. Listen to them but also to your gut, there are many pretenders…

Different Colored Lights Will Appear

Seeing shafts of light streaming or shooting around you are definite indications of angels. You may notice sparks of light or become very aware of shadows around you. Don’t be afraid. Angels don’t want to harm you. This is normally indicative that they are trying to directly reach you from their plane.

Unexpected Feathers

Feathers all around you for whatever reason? Did you not particularly seek this out? It’s a sign that they are near and paying attention to you.

Communication Through Dreams

You may not remember the dream but you’ll feel lighter, stronger and more sure of a direction to take.

Feeling Like Your Being FollowedDigitalLightBeings1

Definitely look about to make sure it isn’t your Facebook stalker again.

The feeling will be accompanied by a feeling of confidence and love.

If you are alone and you feel like someone is in the room with you, but you aren’t afraid trust your gut.

Your angels are trying to protect and assure you.

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