The Healing Properties of Frankincense Oil: 5 Practical Uses

Also known as olibanum, the milky white extract (frankincense) is taken from the Boswellia genus tree bark. It’s allowed to harden over the course of a couple of days, then scraped off into tear shaped fragments. These fragments are frequently used in oils and incense for any number of religious, spiritual and recreational purposes.

The higher quality the frankincense the lighter, clearer, and silvery  it will appear. To be clear the benefits of frankincense are from the essential oil, the fragrant oil. The fragrant version are usually artificially created and contain synthetic chemicals. shutterstock_383719882

It has a spicy, earth like, woody, and slightly fruity aroma. Frankincense has psychologically comforting properties. Along with a tool for spiritual growth, it can help to invigorate the spirit, limit stress and despair. Used in aromatherapy, frankincense builds feelings of peace, relaxation, and a deeper sense of satisfaction.  It can also relieve anxiety, anger, stress and sadness.

If used topically, on the skin, it promotes beautiful skin like a charm. It aids in cell regeneration and helps existing tissue vibrant and healthy. Apply to the skin to treat dry skin and reverse or prevent signs of aging.

It can also lessen the appearance of scars and stretch marks. Frankincense oil has astringent properties as well, so feel free to use it battle acne. It’s medicinal properties are impressive as well. Use it to strengthen gums, slows and stops bleeding while it significantly helps speed up the healing process. It can shorten the recovery time from insect bites, acne, minor cuts and boils.

Frankincense has more specific medicinal uses as well. For your convenience we’ve listed the main healing properties of frankincense. As always, if you are experiencing unusual or persistent symptoms regarding any element of your health, please see a medical professional.


It isn’t that these remedies won’t work, as much as it could be a bigger problems. Don’t take any chances when it comes to your health! It is one of our most valuable treasurers.

Take frankincense internally by diluting it in a carrier oil (coconut oil is tasty) or glass of water.

You can also take a couple of drops in the morning. You’ll want to put it under your tongue for maximum results. Not all frankincense oil is edible so be careful and pay attention to the label. Children under the age of six should NOT consume frankincense. If applying frankincense topically, combine it with a carrier oil and apply to skin.

Arthritis And Rheumatoid Arthritis(RA)

Frankincense has properties inherent to it that inhibit the body’s inflammatory responses. It also prevents the break down of healthy cartilage tissue.

Common Cold And Respiratory Illnesses

The oil can break down mucus in your lungs and respiratory tract and relive bronchitis related congestion.

Oral Health

The antiseptic qualities of this oil can help prevent and treat: bad breath, cavities, toothaches, mouth sores, and other infections.span>

Digestive Disorders

Frankincense accelerates the creation of essential digestive fluids and stimulates the muscles in your tract to ensure proper motion of food through the intestines.

Uterine Health

This oil can regulate estrogen production in women. A regimen of frankincense can reduce the risks of  post-menopause tumor or cyst formation in the uterus. It can also regulate the menstrual cycle of pre menopausal women.

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