3 Strong Signs We’re Being Visited By Extraterrestrials

Since man started to understand the basic concepts of space, (what stars are, that there are other planets and what conditions on them are like) we have been free to wonder if there is other sentient life out there. YouGov, a market research company, recently polled Germany, America and Britain. They asked if people believed in intelligent alien life and more than half of the participants said yes in every country (in Germany 56% of people believe in ET existence, in America 54% believe, and Britain 52%). Around one third to a quarter of the populations surveyed nations did not believe in the existence of extra terrestrial life at all.

Here is a little information to spark conversations with people who don’t believe in the potential of life elsewhere in the universe. People who do believe, will undoubtedly find some of this information entertaining and useful. To be clear this article is not attempting to support any conspiracy theories specifically, this is written in the spirit of persuading readers to acknowledge the possibilities of the infinite universe.

The Universe Is Infinite And Not Understood

shutterstock_88231261Given our advancements in astronomy and space exploration, we have learned in leaps and bounds. Sadly this doesn’t amount to much. We have only explored less than one tenth of your own backyard. We can speculate and wonder all day but in the end we don’t know much about the simple content of you galaxy let alone the universe.

Consider this we had many questions about the bottom of the ocean for decades. This environment is on our planet and is effected my few factors than that of space. Some of our theories were correct and others were wrong. But we din’t even realize what questions to ask. There were and still are many surprises no one saw coming. Space is infinitely larger and has more variables of influence, many of which we haven’t been able to witness first hand. We just now witnessed black holes and gravitational waves.

It would be ignorant to say something doesn’t exist when we see no conclusive evidence pointing either way.

Whistle Blowers

There have been a handful of scientists and other credited specialists that have stepped away from certain organizations to say some pretty amazing things. Amogngthem Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden and Julian Assange are the most notable but hundreds of professionals have come forward. These aren’t publicity chasers, most are respected scientists with advancing careers.

Paul Hellyer, is the former Canadian Defense Minister, is responsible for combining the Canadian Air Force, Army, and Navy into one united force, now known as the Canadian Forces. This man came forward with some fairly remarkable information.

“Decades ago, visitors from other planets warned us about where we were headed and offered to help. But instead, we, or at least some of us, interpreted their visits as a threat, and decided to shoot first and ask questions after… . Trillions, and I mean thousands of billions of dollars have been spent on projects about which both the Congress and the Commander in Chief have been kept deliberately in the dark.”

There is very little reason this gentleman and others like him would say things like this for selfish reasons. Many careers and lives have been ruined over certain information spilled.

Anomalous Evidence Throughout History

Through out history there are cave drawings, wall inscriptions, oral stories and paintings from almost every era that are unexplained to this day. Cavemen drew people with out certain human features coming from the sky in round shapes. There are Renaissance paintings in which there are floating objects in the sky. News clippings from around the world detailing strange lights in the sky. The fact that the occurrences have remained so consistent over the thousands of years should be of interest to anyone.

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