10 Fascinating Stories Children Told Their Parents About Their Past Lives

Kids say some pretty bizarre and insightful stuff sometimes. Other times they are just hard to understand or outright creepy. I wrote an article about a kid overseas that found his pasts life’s killer, body and murder weapon. It got me thinking about other instances where very young children were able to know things from their past life.

Below are my summaries of some of some of the more interesting or creepy stories revolving around this concept. They scary stories get better with every retelling. Whats the most startling his how these stories start around the age of two to three. Whether your bag is reincarnation, spirits, or something more deeply personal, I guarantee these stories are going to entertain!

“And This One is Mine”past-life2

There was a little boy around two or three years old. He used get upset when people called him by his name. He would yell out that his name was Austin.

Once, while picnicking in a park the kid bolted off with no patience for explanation. His brother and Father gave chase, finally catching up to him in a cemetery.

The kid had uncovered an headstone that simply read, ‘Here Lies Austin’.

“We Avoid Firefighters”

A family lived in the city and was used to seeing various emergency vehicle flitting by. The youngest boy,one day after seeing a firetruck passing by, he recounted that, ‘used to be a firefighter, and we got called to a fire. There wasn’t any family inside the house, so we just put the fire out. Then the fire truck caught on fire and I died’.

He later elaborated that he died in the hospital.

“I Love My Grandmother”

A woman was listening to her son describe a daily visitor that made no sense. He said his great grandmother comes and keeps him company while he plays. He could with impeccable details describe her mannerisms, the cigarettes she smoked, and how she looked. His great grandmother died 11 days before he was born, and no one had ever reported anything out of the ordinary.

“My Real Mommy And Daddy Died”

past-lives-spiralA two to three year old was persistent in her argument that her parents weren’t really her parents.

The argument was so important that she neglected her ice cream to pursue the truth.

Her grandmother would argue just as passionately that they were in fact her birth parents.

The little girl finally stated that her real parents were killed when the bad men came. The past mother had hid her child behind some rocks. The ‘white men with guns’ had come to specifically to kill the ‘dark people with dark hair’.

“I Don’t Like Drowning”

A young lady was cited as saying she knew that she was safe with her mother. Mollified the mother asked why. The little girl replied that because my last mommy saved me from drowning. Her old mommy had died in the process but the little girl was still grateful.

“No Wins In War”

One young man would frequently draw pictures of various scenery. As he would draw with his crayons, he would mutter and sometimes yell out, ‘heavy fire, zip em boys, where are the hueys’. There would be helicopter and men dying. He looked up and pointed out his friends.

“That’s Why I Don’t Like Water Now”

Two brothers were watching a Titanic movie documentary. The younger brother pointed and said that’s all wrong, the boilers were on the other side. He pointed again saying, I stood there when it happened. He looked to his older brother and affirmed,’ that’s why I don’t like water now.’

“My Family’s Farm Was Burning”

A little girl kept having wildly vivid dreams and repeated dreams. When she was very young she would dream of being a teenager in colonial times. Her home and farm were lit on fire in the night. One day they stopped and she hasn’t dreamed since.

“Nobody Scroofs Me There”

One night after her bath, a pair of parents were telling their daughter about the the importance of keeping her privates clean. The two and a half year old giggled and replied,’ No body scrooofs me there! They tried one night when they kicked in my door. I fought back so they killed me. Now I’m here.’

“Please Get Them To Stop Screaming”

Around midnight a ten year old sister comes into her big brother’s room. She said she was scared and sad. The brother asked what was wrong. she said through teary eye, ‘I watched your sons burn up in the fire. Their screams are keeping me up.’

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