A Solar Powered Automatic Water Condenser For Under $100!

Fontus is a revolutionary water collection device that will be within most budgets. A solar powered water condenser, this light and portable device will pull water right out the air and put it into a water bottle.

That’s right, a solar powered self filling water bottle!

On average the device can gather half a liter of water in an hour (depending on humidity) and will work in any climate including deserts. Adventurous explorers will now be given more leeway in the distances between water sources. It is built to strapped to a bike, but that isn’t the only method of its use. Attached to a bag or car or a boat this simple contraction uses a heating/cooling unit (called a Peltier Element) to speed up and direct natural condensation rates.’

Kristof Retezar invented this device with the people in mind. While very cool, it could seriously benefit the 2 billion people all over the globe who experience water scarcity. That many people and countries are experiencing water scarcity currently. This cheap and easy to use device could be a game changer for so many people trying to survive.  On average 3,100 cubic miles (mi3) or 12,900 cubic kilometers (km3) of freshwater is untapped in the atmosphere. That will put a serious dent in many country’s water needs.

Production, costs, and shipping arrangements are still being worked out. The device is expected to be under 100 American dollars.  Keep an eye out for the release of Fontus for yourself and be ready to participate in the expected Fontus donation programs!

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