How To Allow The Deeper & Spiritual Side Of Your Relationship Flourish

Our goals should always be far reaching and inspired. To achieve these lofty goals one will be more successful with someone on our team. Spiritual growth is incredibly personal and takes constant work. Having someone specifically aware of your situation and specific feelings towards it will provide the most productive for you.

So yes, you will want to someone in your life that is close to you and willing to benefit you for the better. If this one way street mentality is prominent in your relationship then the productivity will eventually come at a high cost not only to you but the person you lean on. As you grow realize that you will be growing off what is basically emotional vampirism. Gifts paid in blood come at a higher cost than those paid with love.

Still unsure or want to build a relationship to this point? Here are some helpful points to keep in mind.

Put Your fears and Insecurities Asideshutterstock_276015062

‘What could I possibly offer?’ Is a question that should never be asked. Whether you feel you have nothing to offer or the person in question has everything; you are wrong in your assumptions.

Both of you are infinite beings trying to tap into the growth that lies within us and there are many paths to this goal. When you can’t seem to see yourself as bold, be bold for others.


Allowing your heart the right to grow means feeling what others are going through. This is easy when all is going well, but remember how your relationship has nurtured strength and diversity. If you join your friend in their dark places the two of you will be more likely to find the light.

Pay Attention

shutterstock_387682615Pay attention not only to how both of you are progressing or even applying your newfound awarenesses; pay attention to this bond.

If the person is starting to detract from you without compromise then talk to them. As you discuss what is bothering you, study them.

Are they listening to you and putting forward relevant information or solutions? Are they trying?

Same as you don’t want to take advantage of anyone, don’t allow others to abuse you.

Forgive And Love

Everyone has the negative and positive qualities. As you search to work out the bad, those formations will fight back. You two will fight and disagree. This is natural and actually what you are looking for. If the two of you are fighting that means that you view the specifics of life differently. this means more diversity in your shared understandings. Work hard to bridge these misunderstandings.

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