A Practical Guide on How To Train Your Eyes To See Auras

Auras are the external energy wave every living thing possesses. In humans this radiating energy is produced by your chakras. Besides the major seven there are 114 chakras in your body, so understand that we are talking about a very complex energy system. Your aura and chakras work in tandem, in a system known as the Merkaba. each chakra spins out energy seen through the aura. Your thoughts, emotions, intentions and everything in between effects the grade, hue and visible strength of your aura.

Most people can’t or won’t see them. It takes a little bit of practice and a lot of open mindedness. Below is a video nicely summarizing how to begin training your mind’s eye to see them.


The only thing I feel the man in the video doesn’t account for is humans are complex and emotional creatures. Even if you ask your best friend to stand and let you look for their aura you may not find it. There could be something in your system or theirs that blocks or greatly increases the difficulty of what you are attempting.

Take a healthy plant and place it before a blank backdrop. Staring gently at the plant’s base, use your peripheral vision to scan the edges of the plant. The plant is a living thing so it is putting off energy that can be viewed but the mental and emotional simplicity makes them easier to relate to.

The ability to see auras is not only neat but practical. You will eventually be able to sicknesses (mental, physical and spiritual), character traits, and emotional intentions in the people you meet. You will gain valuable insight into the machinations of not only yourself but those around you.

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  1. I love this. I use to practice a lot, not so much lately. I do want to get back into it. I didn’t realize to look at the center like the nose, middle of hand, etc. I would always look at the top of their head or shoulders. Awesome video.

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