10 Ways That Can Expand Your Consciousness

Spirituality is a huge topic of discussion lately as more and more people are awakening to a higher sense of truth and curiosity about the nature of the universe. Often, we hear people discussing the “Expansion of Consciousness”... But what exactly does that mean?

archanpaintingeyesTypically, whomever is speaking this aphorism is telling you to raise your awareness, because through awareness of great truths, one finds freedom in the understanding. It does not mean to change yourself or alter who you are, but rather to realize that you are not your body or mind, but the observer, and we all have a lot to learn.

Here are some ways that you can do this, to become more free, and less constrained by issues that come up in life.

Trust Your Inner Voice

That little voice inside your head is actually a big deal: your subconscious mind. So if it tells you to take a different path to work or school today, listen! You never know what you’ll come across. Chances are it’s something your subconscious feels that your conscious mind can’t attune to.

Rise Above The Bicameral Mind

The ‘Bicameral mind‘ is a concept coined by psychologist Julian Jaynes, presented in his book¬†The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind.¬†Essentially, the idea is that one part of the brain speaks, and another part listens (and obeys). Jaynes theorizes that the breakdown of bicameralism is ongoing, and leads to introspection and consciousness. In the next stage of evolution, we will overcome this duality.


anthonyvisitsaustraliawowIf travel is impractical or not affordable, the study of other cultures through the internet, documentaries, books and periodicals can serve as a replacement (however, there is no substitute to immersing one’s self in another area of the world). Compare the standards of other cultures to your own.

What does it mean to be beautiful and successful to the other culture? What are the differences in their cultural history lessons? Knowing these is important, as it makes one realize that perceived objectivity and standardization is easily demolished.

Listen To Binaural Beats

These are simply sounds tuned to a certain frequency that can shift your brain waves to a meditative state easily. There is information on YouTube on this subject, and they are easy to find and free to use.


Check What’s Important To You In Life

If you search your life and find that you’ve assigned significant meaning to material things, such as your car, home, hair, clothes, or other possessions, try to revise how you think about them. These can often be a substitute for actually reflecting upon the self, as we can easily link our personality to our things.

Be Intentional

Good results take on a whole new meaning if the intentions were not good. At times we can find ourselves doing good while at the same time backslapping ourselves for doing good things, or doing them for recognition. Have positive intentions to be assured that what you are doing is within your truth.

Be Humble

beinghumbleisrightWe are all human: fragile with an endpoint. When we are honest with one another about our essential humanity, we can find common ground and love for people. If you are hurting, don’t be afraid to share. If you find that confessions are hard, they are likely the things you need to share the most.

Growing As A Person Is An End In Itself

We don’t want to become better people with the intention of making more money, being more successful, or impressing that person you think would be an ideal partner. In addition, personal growth is not about becoming more happy, pleasing god or because it’s the right thing to do. All of these examples are how we change into the person we think we should be, rather than simply accepting who you are and how you will change over time naturally.


Feelings are to be appreciated, because they offer an opportunity to be immersed within an experience. Be conscious and present with your feelings, and be totally within the moment of experience.

Let Love Guide You

on-the-boat-021114-ykwv1Remember that if you catch yourself being jealous or having a feeling of superiority, that is coming from the ego. The Soul, however, acts from a point of love. Being aware of your core being and where your thoughts come from is the first step in becoming more conscious.

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