8 Routines To Turn Your Bedtime Into A Spiritual Practice

We often tend to look at the unconsciousness of sleep as a physical necessity that is healing but takes up a whole bunch of time. However, sleep is for the mind as well as the body, and focusing attention on this mental and emotional side of sleep can allow us to turn a mundane activity into a mystical ritual.

Have A Routine.sleep-deprived-teens-'in-riskier-behaviour'

Sleep routines are not just for children.

They exist for a good reason, for adults as well. This could mean a book and a bath, or could be more deeply therapeutic such as using essential oils or moisturizer.

These activities will wire your brain to know it’s about to go to sleep, and will eventually induce sleep.

Forget The Caffeine.

Caffeine is both a stimulant and an appetite suppressant. As such, you will feel nourished and energetic when you could naturally be neither. If you are using caffeine to stay up later, you will not be in optimal health.

Only Sleep When You’re Tired.

sleeping-insomniaYou can actually sleep too much, but if you are receiving full amounts of rest every day, your body will only sleep too much if it’s sick or otherwise unwell.

If you are well rested, you can release the fear of sleeping too much and let your body get what it needs.

Get An Old School Alarm Clock.

Also, remove screens from your bedroom. The blue light from them affects the sleep we get by messing with production of sleep hormone melatonin.

Don’t Assume You’ll Get The Same Amount Of Sleep Every Night.

We will often fulfill our own prophecies, so if you think you’ll be grumpy all day because you got less sleep than normal, you probably will be. Sometimes your body will wake up earlier or go to bed later naturally. It’s telling you that you’ve got some extra sleep in the bank.

Listen To Ambient Sounds.

These can significantly improve your quality of sleep, it may surprise you.

Don’t Try To Force Sleep If It’s Not Coming.

Sleep_Paralysis_UncoveredIf you’re tired, your body will put itself to sleep.

If you find yourself lying in the dark with your eyes closed and unable to sleep, get up and do something else.

Try doing activities that you turn to during any other down time, such as yoga or reading. This will often get you in the right mindset for sleep.

Give Yourself Room.

Your body will move around during sleep according to what you need as far as tension relief and injury restoration. Make sure you give it all the space it needs to do this!

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