A Guide To Selecting And Using The Perfect Crystal For You

The natural processes of the universe achieve some amazing results, and nowhere is this more evident than in crystals. However, they are much more than beautiful decoration.


It can take millennia for a crystal to form inside the Earth, and as such they are containers holding the power of the universe within. Shamans and mystics the world over have long known about the seemingly magical quality of these minerals.

Each type of crystal holds different powers, so when going to purchase one there are many things to consider.

You might ask yourself if you will be wearing or if it will be decoration. Will the crystal be held in a sacred place? Will you be using it to manifest spiritual growth?

Common gemstones and their uses:

  • Clear Quartz: Promotes thought energy and scatters negativity. It is a natural batter, receiving, storing and giving off energy. shutterstock_220848883Quartz can be used for higher-dimensional communication and is excellent for meditation.
  • Amethyst: Has a calming influence, is protective and inspirational. It is good for dream states and also good for connecting to higher vibrations and meditating.
  • Moonstone: Promotes intuition and perception. It also balances emotions, induces confidence and is an inspirational source in love and business.
  • Citrine: Promotes self-esteem, mental clarity and aligns one with their higher self. Citrine also attracts abundance.
  • Rose Quartz: Is good for balancing and healing emotions. It also stimulates the heart chakra, encouraging compassion and harmony while eliminating anger and jealousy.
  • Kyanite: Aligns and strengthens the astral body and stimulates the third eye chakra. Kyanite also balances yin and yang and helps to clear blockages.

How To Choose:

Crystals all emit energy, so it is important to be open and have a positive intention to draw you to the stone that suits your personal needs. For this reason it is preferable to browse a reputable crystal shop rather than using an online resource.

shutterstock_346780922You may find that a certain stone draws you to it. If you are purchasing your first crystal, this could be the one which starts your collection. Often, our intuition will pull us toward the gem that will benefit us the most, but reflecting on the purpose of the crystal is often vital to making a good match.

Obviously, if the stone is to be worn, you will want a size that is comfortable, but if it is intended to provide energy to a whole room or structure, you will want it to be large enough to fill that space.

When you find a stone that you feel is pulling you toward it, pick it up. The feeling it gives you is important in the selection process. Close your eyes and attempt to sense the energy that the crystal is radiating. Take a moment to meditate upon its background, age, origination, and what it went through to get to this point in your hand.

For more information, check out Spirit Science 13 where we covered crystals in depth!

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