Organic Sulfur: 15 Health Benefits You’ve Never Heard of Before

Organic sulfur is an abundant mineral in the body, and is crucial to good health. It also occurs naturally in water and in raw organic foods from fruit and vegetables to meat and dairy. Not only is this substance an essential element in life, it can have a profound healing effect on our bodies when added as a supplement, as most of us are not getting enough to replace what we use up naturally every day.

Health expert Hesh Goldstein is a major advocate for organic sulfur (OS) supplementation. Here are some reasons why:

OS Increases Production Of Enzymes.

This helps to increase our overall resistance to illnesses.


It Reduces Inflammation.

Organic sulfur promotes the healing of muscles and aids soreness by quickening recovery from trauma. This is why athletes in particular can benefit from adding sulfur to the diet.

OS Eliminates Free Radicals.

If you have allergies, sulfur can help to reduce your sensitivity to them.

It Promotes Growth Of Hair And Fingernails.

Organic sulfur increases tissue and blood vessel flexibility. Also, it is a main component of moisturizing creams due to its promotion of healthy skin.


OS Has Anti-Cancer Effects.

Because it oxygenates cells in the body, the resulting aerobic environment is death to a cancer cell.

It Is Anti-Aging.

Studies show that organic sulfur can prevent and even reverse symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and osteoporosis.

OS Is Great For Diabetics.

This is due to the fact that it aids insulin regulation, possibly reducing the amount of insulin needed. For this reason it also reduces hypoglycemia.

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It Is A Good Headache Remedy.

This is because it helps the blood to flow, reducing pressure in the brain from lowered circulation, subsequently reducing pain from headaches and also tendencies to get them at all.

OS Is Good For Emphysema.

It contains the material necessary to manufacture new, healthy lung cells.

It Is The Best Hangover Remedy.

Organic sulfur has the ability to make cell walls more permeable, causing the body to release toxins from an alcohol binge rapidly and helping to process them.

clip_image0011-1OS Forms A Colon Coating.

This helps to reduce the possibility of diverticulitis and even help eliminate it. Also, parasites that would typically live in the colon are unable to attach to the colon walls due to the smooth organic sulfur coating.

It Is A Good PMS Remedy.

People who supplement with organic sulfur have enhanced glandular production, balancing acid, enzyme and hormonal levels. This helps alleviate the cramps, nausea and headaches caused by PMS.

OS Aids Kidney Function.

Those who have water retention problems due to kidney issues could be greatly relieved from a dose of organic sulfur.

It Can Alleviate Eye Problems.

You can even use it as an eye drop if you dilute a teaspoon in 4 ounces of water.

OS Houses Essential Nutrients.

Organic sulfur supplements deliver omega-3s and help your body produce vitamin B-12.

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