4 Tips For Empaths To Feel Secure In Their Relationships

It’s true that loneliness affects some more than others. However, to traditional medicine, it is not always clear why some are more susceptible than others.

Whatever the case, it is clear that some people desire romantic relationships yet continue to stay single. It could be that some of them are empaths who have the tendency to feel overwhelmed and fatigued in their close relationships to others.

Empathetic people are a unique subset of humans. Those who can easily intuit and even take on the energetic themes of others can very easily become overloaded and exhausted when encountering the intimacy of a close relationship.


They can feel taken over when not given the personal time to decompress, which is why they may both want close relationships while at the same time fear for their own safety.

Obviously, traditional coupling will not work for many empaths who feel this way. In order to succeed in love, empathetic people must assert their need for personal space much more than is common.

While with a mate it is not as extreme as the necessary physical space in public situations or with strangers, there may be times when the partner is confused by the feeling that intimacy is desired but the need for space must be granted.

The point is that intimacy can flourish for people who find themselves coupled in close relationships with empaths. The key is communication, particularly on the subject of personal comfort levels.

If you are an empath, here are some tips for you if you experience the issues outlined above.

Talk To Your Potential Partner.

The right person will understand if you tell them that you are sensitive and need personal quiet time. If you are put down or otherwise disrespected, move on. If not, continue down this list.

How Do You Like To Sleep?


Many empaths never become accustomed to sleeping the in the same bed as their partner. It’s not personal, but rather derived of necessity.

Tell your mate if you prefer to sleep alone, it is important that they know you need to sleep by yourself in order to get the all-important full night’s rest.

If your partner is considerate to you, though, be considerate to them if they get lonely sometimes and want you by their side. Strong relationships compromise.

Negotiate Your Physical Space Needs.couple-on-beach

Cohabitation can be a deal-breaker for many relationships, but for the empath this is even more pronounced.

Be clear with yourself and your partner about your required needs for breathing room.

You may find that it is absolutely vital to have your own studio, office, or even your own bedroom. This is often true when traveling together as well.

Take Personal Mini-Vacations.

Empathetic people need private down time to prevent emotional overload, even if it’s for a period of minutes. That walk around the block or personal daycation can mean the difference between long-term love and broken hearts.

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