David Wilcock Explains How to Activate Your Third Eye Using Magnetism

If you have ever delved into exploring the capabilities that your pineal gland holds, then you must know that you can harness the power of seeing beyond this dimension and even further than that with the aid of magnetism.

Written in an excerpt from the ebook “The Science of Oneness” by David Wilcock, explains the meaning behind unlocking the abilities of our third eye and a variety of other categories of this nature. The book states:

shutterstock_155349410“Walter Rawls, who worked with the effects of monopolar magnetic fields on matter with the late Albert Roy Davis, told me in a telephone conversation of his experiments with a North pole magnet situated over the pineal gland. 

A mask was made which held the North pole end of a long cylindrical magnet over the pineal gland.

The purpose was to stimulate the gland and see if there was anything to this ‘third eye’ business. Exposure was in the range of 10-30 minutes per day over a period of about 4 weeks.

Within the first week, he was sitting at his desk reading documents when he noticed something move out of the corner of his eye.

As he looked up, the ghostly figure of a man had walked through one wall, moved across the room and disappeared through another wall. The figure was totally unaware of Walter. Further exposures to this North pole field took place over a second and third week.

He sat quite still, watching this pastoral scene for several minutes. The man looked over toward Walter and appeared startled.

shutterstock_27105130It was as if he clearly SAW Walter this time and possibly recognized Walter as the ghost that he had seen the previous week! The image faded away and the wall restored to its normal condition. From that moment on, Walter never used the pineal stimulator again.”

To which Wilcock then adds:

“Interestingly, the works of Charles Fort mention that many “Spiritualist ” studies were done at the turn of the 20th Century by organizations such as the American Society for Psychical Research, which directly correlated higher frequencies of ghost sightings and paranormal activity with higher energetic emissions from the Sun.”

So from what we know from this simulation of the mask that he invented to open his third eye may have caused him to dive deep into an unknown world unintentionally and found that it is more than possible to see past this dimension and even further than that.

The bigger question is are we able to fade out of these dimensions on will or do we have to force ourselves to not see this other side of reality?


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