3 Fascinating Accounts Of Real-Life Animal Whisperers

It’s common to see psychics with a range of abilities that claim to be able to tell us humans one thing or another. However, it’s pretty rare to see someone use their abilities to communicate with animals. We could call them ‘animal psychics,’ but perhaps they can just understand the hidden language. Whatever the case, these select people can tell us what our pets want to say, or even if they are suffering from unknown illnesses.

Terri Jay

Terri Jay realized that she had a special gift back in 1990, when the Reno-based woman was working in a horse therapy program for disabled children. She was working with a nonverbal child when she realized that she could psychically pick up on the child’s thoughts…as well as the horse’s.tjnewshot

This experience inspired her to specialize in psychic communication with horses. She claims to assist with performance issues, health, behavior and more. Although she communicates on behalf of the horse and relays its personal problems, Jay doesn’t like the term ‘psychic.’ Instead, she likes the term ‘intuition. As she told the Reno Gazette-Journal in an interview, she can read the vibrations and frequencies of people: “I look someone in the eyes, and I already know too much.”

Jay says that every animal has a personality and point of view that she can communicate. According to her, most of them communicate through sounds, visual images and emotional states. In the below video, she claims that some of them can even understand words. The example she gives is a horse who knows she carries cookies and mentally repeats ‘cookie’ until she gives him one.

In addition to communicating with animals, Jay claims to speak to those who are in comas, suffering from Alzheimer’s, or are otherwise without a voice. Her talents don’t stop there, as prospective home buyers can hire her for a psychic reading. Also, she was the subject of a television pilot earlier this year which showcased her abilities.

Laura Stinchfield

Laura Stinchfield is a prominent pet psychic in California whose specialty is mediating between pets and owners, with an expertise in behavioral problems in dogs. Her claim is that dogs with aggression typically are suffering from PTSD.

“They’ll actually not know who they’re being aggressive toward; it’s like a flashback, like a combat vet would have,” Stinchfield explained in an interview with the New York Daily News. “And anything can trigger that—often it’s a smell, like cologne, or deodorant, or a shampoo. Suddenly, they’re back at that location, seeing someone that hurt them in the past.”

stormy-with-lauraShe also says that dogs are extremely perceptive and opinionated about their ‘human’s’ romantic pursuits and careers, for example, they tell her things like: “You need a new boyfriend, he doesn’t treat you well; you deserve better than that,” and “Hey, you know that man at work that’s giving you a problem? I think you should talk to your boss about him.”

Interestingly, she is the host of an internet radio show where animals can ‘call in’ and talk to her. According to her website, she also communicates with babies and angels. While she works with humans occasionally, she finds them draining and harder on her. As such, for adult humans, the fees are higher.

Perhaps Stinchfield’s most notable achievement was when she made contact with an anonymous chimpanzee that was held in a research laboratory. Eventually, the chimp (named ‘Faith’) moved to a sanctuary, but talked to Stinchfield about her terrorizing initial capture, her PTSD, and her improved conditions in the sanctuary.

In the video below Stinchfield reunites with some old friends and has conversations with them!

Latifa Meena

Originally, Latifa Meena was a noted technical trainer before finding her passion. Now, she is one of the most well-known animal psychic in Louisville. She claims to communicate with animals, regardless of what language they ‘speak,’ once telling Wave 3 news: “I got ahold of her dog and he started talking in Latin or Yugoslavian or something, and I was like, whoa, whoa, whoa!”

21951408_BG3In that same interview, she reasoned away why a dog, Moffat, was aggressive with a plumber: “She tells me that if she was going to bite him, she would have nailed him,” said Meena. “She’s just telling me he stunk. She just keeps telling me he smelled.”

In addition to communicating with live animals, Meena also talks to animals that have passed onto the spirit world, and is able to assure owners that their lost loved ones are happy and safe.

Louisville television outlet WDRB wanted to put Meena to the test, so in 2015 they brought in reporter Chris Sutter’s dog (Manny) for a consultation. Manny told her about his likes (turkey and chicken) and dislikes (Sutter has a terrible singing voice). The dog also told her about a stray cat that lived near the property, which mysteriously was information that was known only to Sutter and his wife.

You can watch her consult with a dog and her human in the video below!

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